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Writing changes so much with the difference stages of our life. I love reflecting back on old ones of my own ✨
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Good morning, loves! A reminder from my first book: Words Unspoken to trust your hearts a little more 💜 🌿Thank you for reading my work and buying my books.🍃Words Unspoken {a 270 page book on the power of surviving, flourishing and becoming after having been shattered to pieces} and Unforgettable {a 224 page journey along the winding path of memory} are available for purchase through the link in my bio (Amazon), Walmart, the Book Depository (with free worldwide delivery )🍃Words Unspoken and Unforgettable are also available through periplus in Indonesia and bookurve in Malaysia.🍃
We never wanted to do what Van Gogh had done to himself—saw the yellow color as the happiest hue of all, so he drank too much paint with its tincture and thought that it could at least give him the happiness and peace of mind he had been seeking for, not knowing that it might lead him to his death. He died, but I do hope he had faced his demise with a happy heart. We desire to be fine at all without having done that drinking, so we look for distinct ways just to win over despondency—we have our daily walks in the morning to have the warmest touch of the yellow sunrays; we touch too much daffodils and buttercups; we smell scents of sunflowers; we also stay outside during late nights just to have some glimpse of the stars and feel the moonlight against our skins; but the kind of "yellow" those had offered to us had never been enough to make us joyful again. We almost get in-touched and closed to such yellow things with hopes that it could, in some ways, ease our pain within. But we never realized that we shouldn't be putting all of our focus towards the yellow stuff. We also need to tap our heart that turned into a purple one due to this world's beating, and acknowledge the blueness that we feel inside our souls—that black of voidness innards our being. We could stay in that state but for just a short span of time, for sometimes, what we need is to just feel too much of those torments until we get tired of indulging unto it—we will automatically find our way back to the path filled with rainbow and colorful days. So if this works on you, let yourself be knackered by sadness and agony—be familiarized with the sensation of such emotions and its causes. After then, look for the best way you know to revive and regain your strength—pull yourself together and be back on the right track. Someday, when you catch yourself facing such circumstances, have a self-talk and say, "This is pain, I know. I've been here before, and I know now what to do. It'll stay here, but not for too long. I'll find exit ways to get out from this prison and be free once more." . —Ren Ednalig, The Storytellers. @renbow101 #thestorytellers #thestorytellers95 #wordsmith #wordporn
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