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“As above so below, say the words and make it so, step into the Light, color in the skies, I am magical... abandon our disguise when I realize- I AM MAGICAL” Goofing off on a canvas I messed up... but now it’s fixed 🤷🏻‍♂️ @lsdream leading the #familyoflight #wordstoliveby #whitemagic #lsdreamers #iamwakaan
It can be scary to dive into emotions you’ve repressed or trauma you’ve experienced, but you know what’s scarier? Letting those things rule your life from behind the scenes. That’s why a therapy is meant to lead you, not only through processing it, but in a way that will ultimately make you stronger and give you the tools to create a life where you’re in control. • Growth is hard work, but you know what’s harder? Trying to pretend that your mental health isn’t just as important as your physical health. Once you’re called to expand, you won’t be able to ignore it. • Challenging the familiar beliefs that keep you feeling safe is hard, but you know what’s harder? ...you get where I’m going here. The unknown can be scary, but it’s also the only path toward creating the life you want. Be willing to look at the things you’ve always accepted as truth (I’m not smart enough, I’ll never be good enough, my worth is dependent on other people’s perception of me) and turn them on their head. • You know what’s on the other side of that fear? Relief. Empowerment. Freedom. #thewellswell #growtogether
After one of my private corporate events... speaking to over 3k people. I was feeling really... BEAT up. Asking myself WHY. Why do I continue to do this speaking work when I do not NEED to... why take the RISK?! Then something happened. I was blessed by a woman SO full of honor and love. She spoke and treated each person she came into contact to with DIGNITY and HONOR. (I have literal tears in my eyes recalling this moment) 😭 Remembering this blesses me to my core. Today, I am thankful for feeling love and grateful to be able to escape the negative thoughts and be SHOWN positivity. What are you grateful for today, friend? 💜
Сакај ме и остани... #ЈованИлиески@jovanilieskiofficial ☚ Официјална фејсбук страница☞https://www.facebook.com/beleskitenakaterinamonsen/☚ #ilieskiquotes ✅🔝 #instagram #instadaily #instapost #photography #инстаграмџии #photooftheday #quotes #цитати #quotestoliveby #quotesoftheday #quoting #instadaily #text #words #word #deepthoughts #wordstoliveby
Never limit yourself, especially when it comes to your dreams. 🖤
Don’t just learn but do love yourself. Start treating yourself better. Be kinder to yourself, because loving yourself starts from you and not from anyone else. Don’t let negativities around and within you define you as a person. Believe in yourself more, because you can do it. God will strenghthen you. Start believing that you deserve so much more and that you deserve to be happy. . Stop fixating yourself into something temporary. Stop lying to yourself that almost relationships can be worth a try or loving someone who ghosts you is worth the risk because they are not worth it. Instead of wasting your time and affection to those people, invest more to the people who have been there for you all this time. Because those people are the ones who should matter and they deserve to be valued. Be grateful for these people, because they are God’s blessings to you. . Put effort into what matters you the most. Life is short to begin with, so stop procrastinating and start living your life to the fullest. Do what makes your heart and soul feel light and easy. Don’t let the world dictate ehat you need to do and achieve by this time, it’s your life and only you can tell what you want and need. Just put your faith in Him and keep on doing you. . Forgive yourself from committing mistakes. Learn how to be softer to yourself and start loving your imperfections. Be the person who is capable of loving, because this world needs more people like you. . Let love seep within your body and soul. Because love can make you stronger and softer at the same time. Let love change you. . . . Words from @thoughtcatalog // Rikki Louise Cereno
I love Iris Apfel. She is so wise. #wordstoliveby #giddyup
You Grow Girl. I genuinely designed this print for my plants 🤣 I cannot keep them alive. I either don’t water them enough...or drown them! However, it works super duper well for all the ladies of the world! 💕💪🏻 Photo by the lovely @ourtinyrenovation 💕
Sometimes you don’t feel like it but you gotta push past that feeling so you don’t regret it later. Don’t let the couch win. Keep working and you’ll feel better about it afterwards. (Me talking to myself) #motivation #wordstoliveby #adubbproductions #contentcreator #youtuber #videographer #influencer #vlogger
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