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I attended my first “sound bath” last week (best birthday gift @alexandria.fullmer 🙏🏽) The musician told us to set an intention for the session and felt impressed to share his: Gratitude for life. Literally just for living and breathing every day. He explained it beautifully. Imagine a lover, the universe, a God or whatever you believe in loving you so much that he paints you a sunrise and a sunset each morning and night. We have that. The fact that any moment our tiny planet could be taken out and hasn’t been, us surviving is a miracle in and of itself. It all resonated with me a little differently. I needed to hear it and the instructor could tell. This week I passed a peace of art that read; there is never a time when your life is not “this moment.” Sometimes it’s hard to see how blessed we are even through our trials. We overlook the fact that we as humans have the opportunity to make every moment THE moment and live in just that. So in the spirit of striving to see the magic in the mundane here’s a capture of the boys, the falls, and some crazy gorgeous sun flares.
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🌅Shoutout to Mother Nature🌅 🔸 Dark clouds become heaven’s flowers when kissed by light. Be the light!!! 🔸 #sunsets #coloRADo #sunset_pics #timelapse #orangesky #ilovecolorado #rockymountains #sun #clouds #mountains #coloradogram #wowplanet
I've been a birder my whole life, so It's difficult to choose a favorite bird. With that said, the American dipper is high on that list. I often find them standing on rocks next to wild rivers, bobbing up and down, before diving straight into the rapids and underwater. I could watch them all day!
Portofino is a picturesque fishing village in the Liguria region on Italy’s northwest coast. It’s long been a playground for well-to-do vacationers, who likely had one taste of the just-caught seafood and never wanted to leave. For views of the village and the sea beyond, visit Castello Brown, a 16th-century fortress turned museum. 📍Portofino
Little People, 𝘽𝙞𝙜 𝙅𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙮𝙨
Mississauga é uma cidade da província canadense de Ontário e subúrbio de Toronto. Está situada às margens do Lago Ontário na Municipalidade Regional de Peel, vizinha à Toronto. . . . . . . #mississauga #toronto #canada #turismo #viagem #destination #wowplanet #mochileiros #arquitetura #architecture #boanoite #estilo #construção
No greater reward after hiking up from the valley floor🌄
Getting high in the sky.
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Late afternoon light always makes the granite cliffs look incredible at this place.
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