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Life's too short to spend it living in a constant state of "what if", live large honey, live large... #youngandbold #yolo
I’m done complaining. I’m evolving. Just gonna go with the flow. 난 달라졌으니까 그냥 자연의 순리에 맡길꺼야. #youngandbold #foreveryoung
Smile in the face of adversity, keep your head held high. Fight on, but never give in. #YoungAndBold
Tag your stranger😊 *READ THE CAPTION* Hey stranger, This is an open letter to you for being so exceptional and entering into my life with a lamp that i required . Our bond is not just limited to talking to each other rather it's more about that feeling that we are always there for each other . I wont ask you to be the same because it's obvious we will evolve but we will surely know how to keep ourselves connected . In this world of billions I found you and i am thankful i did . Love love 💌💌 #justwriterthings ✒️💫#shyar #words #pen #poetry #yourquote #stranger #friendship #youngandbold #forareason #writerscommunity #writersofindia
Sometimes our dreams are not necessarily concrete, sometimes it's a feeling of something great will happen and so we are open to it. #YoungAndBold
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