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Wow. I couldn’t contain it earlier so I had to share but, wow. I know a lot of you have heard my story, and humble beginnings is something I’m known for. But to be at this place, now is the result of so many amazing people, talented, kind and gracious, supportive and really lovely. When I was 18 I started a tumblr and it has grown from that into this now, a physical shop opening up over several thousand miles away from where it all started. At 21 I opened up a shop with my friends Travis and Rob and @manreadymerc was born! Texas was a beautiful flourishing of my creativity and a downward spiral of my humanity, I have a deep spot in my heart for that place and am forever grateful to the people who helped push me despite differences. I remember sleeping on Travis’ couch during those first months with a couple hundred dollars to my name wondering how, anyone could possibly get ahead. The answer isn’t just a culmination of all the typical things you’d imagine: perseverance, ambition and hard work, lots of patience and many, many failures... but all of that is nothing. NOTHING! Without community, without fellowship, there is no purpose. There is no life. You can have the best story on earth, but if you’ve no one to share it with, there is no value, and no value greater than love in that community. Through art, branding, trying things, making and selling goods, writing and pursuing, with God, with Elle, we now have this, indescribable opportunity to open up our own physical shop and branding studio. A space where any and everyone can come to see what it means to be not just in the community, but for it. When I left Manready I told Travis, “there is nothing in this world I want more than to help others achieve whatever it is they’re after” I meant every word, and through everything I do and live I try my best to exemplify that. I am forever grateful for the given opportunities, forgiven mistakes and overcome obstacles, the rounds of applause and quiet cheers of support from everyone who has been a part of my life and what 1924 is... continued in comments. #1924us #life #hope #thankful #shop #inspiration #God #faith #love #travel #branding #christianwatson #ellemay
NEWS NEWS EXTRA EXTRA! After many, many years of hard work and eager anticipation. I am proud to announce that 1924us has its first physical location, and of all places - it’s in Australia! This space will facilitate our studio as well as a showroom of our works and a retail shop for our crazy collection of antiques, taxidermy, cameras and more. Just an hour north of Brisbane, happy to boast such a beautiful and blank canvas of a space. We will also be shipping all of our goods out to our customers as we continue to perfect the transition from American freight to Australian (thanks for the patience)! Big thank you to everyone who over the years has supported us in any and every way possible! Please follow along with our journey as we move into our space on, of all places, Venture Drive in Noosa, Australia. Thank you so much everyone and Venture Onward! #1924us #go #explore #travel #life #shop #hope #pursuit #smallbusiness #americandream #shopkeep #generalstore #antiques #curation #americana
It may seem like there’s not enough time in the day. But despite our perception of it - how it always feels to ebb and flow, fluctuating with mood and circumstance, time is unchanging. I talk often about the importance of taking the time to smell the roses so to speak, but often am the victim of not being as present as I’d like to be. Tomorrow is too often my agenda when it’s not guaranteed. It’s a hard habit and one that dies harder still. I think patience is absolutely a form of contentment, and when you’re too busy rushing from one thing to the next you lose a sense of peace that is meant to resolve your day. Everyday I’ve been working from 10am til 3am. It’s not something I’m proud to admit because often what gets lost to the wayside are the moments i love and long for the most. I know that I do all what I do for the right reasons, it is something inherently instilled in me, but those reasons don’t always justify what you’re doing. For me, overwork has become such a necessity of my daily living, and while enticing it can also become taxing. Remember to take pace, slow down... it’s ok to leave thing unfinished for tomorrow, it will get done and I deeply believe I’d rather do something well and late than do something poorly and on time. Here’s to the moments. #1924us #hope #life #confession #work #travel #explore #home #love #tattoos #style #wine #go #adventure #places #ventureonward
In a world so torn between the perks and dismal effects social media can have on us, I’m happy to remember that through it I’ve been blessed with such incredible moments. I met @ellemaywatson through Instagram some years ago now, and have somehow found myself in country after country alongside her, and now on the other side of the world, learning to live in an entirely new and different way. While there are challenges in a marriage, the success of overcoming them is such a reward. You learn about what it means to change and see what that change looks like from a third-person perspective. There is no greater self reflection than a love shared. So despite all what we dislike, it’s important to keep our eyes and hearts set in a hopeful way, it allows us the grace we need to live through our own trials. Whereas it can be easy to fixate on negativity, things being corrupt or unjust, there is immense beauty we can look towards. Don’t become so desensitized by the negative that you grow numb to goodness. Looking on with happiness and joy, in the midst of hardship helps form your character for the better. The best way to lead in love is to serve. #1924us #go #home #faith #explore #love #life #travel #blackandwhite #film #indiaearl #portrait #rain #hawaii #adventure #people #hope
With branding work on the rise for the 1924 studio, it continues to be the neatest things to see our products come to life and be a part of other people’s lives! These @bradleymountain cards were designed in collaboration with myself and produced by @artofplay after the first overwhelming success of our Adventure cards which were featured in the latest @magnolia magazine. Each detail hand drawn, and I don’t mean on a tablet or a computer, I mean the real deal, pen and paper and inked to the highest detail. So amazing to see the respect for what we do only continue. Elle and I have officially applied for our first ever physical space, a massive deal in our lives and one we hope will continue to bring benefits to everyone we come in contact with. Thank you for the support! We have a few dozen branding projects currently underway so there’s much more work coming soon! Also, if you haven’t already seen it, you should check out @lelabofragrances ’s website to see our deconstructed scent styling and photography! Cheers to never giving up on where you can go, by staying where you shouldn’t - comfortable is great but it sure can be boring! Push yourself and you just might go somewhere incredible! #1924us #go #design #art #lettering #type #productdevelopment #cards #typography #drawing #advertising #byhand
While there isn’t much I can say, other than it’s nearly three years in total of writing, work, photography, and collaboration... DEFEAT, with NYT best selling author, Ajaz Ahmed is nearing its completion. Here’s a look at one of my favourite photographs in nearly full detail. Unappreciated at this size, this is one of my best photographic works... I can’t wait! If you haven’t already, you can sign up for news at www.defeat.com #1924us #fog #film #explore #travel #adventure #defeat #life #hope #home #failure #overcoming #forest #trees #ajazahmed #christianwatson
By what right do i have to be here? i can remember the cold and the aggravation. thousands of miles away from my partner and face to face with my aging self. i take a half-silent step and see just into the thicket enough to spot it, making its way across a dried gully, waiting for the swiftly approaching winter. By what right? i ask myself again. It's the tone that matters when you ask that question, it's funny how just the way words are said can have an entirely different meaning, outcome or impact when spoken in a way less often. The desperation of an 'i love you' towards someone walking away, or the calm, self-assured 'i love you' in an empty room to the person next to you. What right... what right... it's not with malice or self-loathing i ask it, but one of gratitude. It moves closer, yawns and stares on... Continued in the comments. #1924us #adventure #life #faith #explore #lynx #hope #travel #forest #mountains #love #change #eyes #go #humanity
So so many good things coming soon, presets, new goods, dresses, rings, pipes, antiques, tutorials, designs, tshirts, books, and maybe just maybe the first ever @1924us physical space in Australia! Thanks to everyone who is patiently following along! Our France Film presets go out tonight! If you haven’t preordered already, you can save a few dollars until the end of the day! All the love, warmth and thanks to y’all! #1924us #film #go #explore #travel #couple #love #france #oregon #hope #home #outdoors #dog #tattoos #ocean #forest #fog #mood
Let’s go on a journey to when you were ten and in the fifth grade. Who here can remember the obviousness of things coming into plain view, morality, right and wrong, and the undying belief that you could do something better for this world? I was talking to my friend this morning, contemplating on this period in my life. Yesterday when I voiced my opinions I had a tremendous amount of support, and also a decent dose of disagreement in the form of intolerance. As a 10 year old I believed that I could do more in the world to make it a better place, I still hope for that and in standing up for my own view of morality I won’t back down from a challenge. However, I meant no ill-feeling anywhere yesterday and made sure to declare that when speaking from my heart. I can’t imagine anyone, pro-choice or pro-life, or pro anything for that matter, being able to sit down one on one with someone and hear them out with compassion and understanding for whichever stance they may take in life. I remember thinking that adults were silly for not fixing so many issues, but getting older I’ve realised the united humanitarian front so many of us had as children, a bond unspoken between us, has become linear to the many, many generations before us. No one post on social media is going to bring about life-changing revelation, but speaking up for either side is an important thing we do. It is the efforts in which we take to share our stories that others feel compelled - not discouraged - to do so. What you believe in is not reflective of hatred, no matter what side you’re on. But how you phrase, frame and propose yourself is always up for interpretation. I know we all have the ability to be greater than those before us, it’s the very belief in which every parent raises a child. The hope that better will come for those we pass on. We are not just right or left wing, political or indifferent. The extremes to which anyone has presented to you, is curated for impact. No one thing will ever directly define you. We still have ample opportunity to restore our child-like, unbreakable belief to make the world better, and it’s by leading the way with vigilance, kindness and hope. #1924us #life
Lately I’ve been asking a few questions that have come to mind on our stories, and your own stories have not disappointed! I asked first what your biggest fears were, and most all of those who answered said loneliness and living a life that they didn’t feel was valuable to them, or others. Then I asked if you’re happy if so - why or why not? Wouldn’t ya know so many people who answered both questions had fears but were also happy despite them! I did this for a reason. I think often times we don’t connect with our emotions from a rational place, typically we will try to define our fears from the perspective only of fear, and happiness only from the perspective of happiness. However, more than you can know, the two are great at coexisting. When I ask someone why they don’t do something, there’s usually a massive list of reasons that to them, seem insurmountable. If I ask someone the reasons for their happiness, they’ll list off heaps, and keep the two separated in perfect little compartments, never realizing that they had to overcome one, in order to dwell in the next. Fear had its purpose back when you had to kill to eat, but now it’s in things like gathering courage to take the next step, or to tell a loved one something you’ve been hiding away. We fear out of insecurity, and it’s what drives us to act, sometimes, outrageously, or to not act at all. We don’t wanna lose peace, we can’t possibly risk our happiness or comforts, and knowing that happiness and keeping it separated has allowed room for fear to dictate whether or not we continue to pursue. Happiness should be the biggest motivator for your life, not because it’s the perfect emotion, but because it is something we all yearn for. I guarantee you, any person you could ever ask at any age will tell you that time heals every risk gone wrong, and pays off in unexplainable ways. I’m a young man, growing older. I didn’t come from wealth and opportunity, and I didn’t set out to make it for myself. But everyday I made little decisions to push that much further, risking where I was for where I could end up. The most well-lived life is never convenient. #1924us #hope #faith #love
Home, home, oh how good it feels to be here. It’s 1 in the morning and I’m laughing to myself as Elle talks excitedly about how we all get too caught up in moments. It’s the childlike wonder in all of us that makes us act out, either in the best or worst of ways. But being back home, we are grinding away at days-long episodes of work. While the glorification of the hustle isn’t my agenda, it’s something that I think often gets mislead in my life. People tend to think one of two things: a. I’m traveling all the time, having fun and just coasting by in retirement at 28. (Lemme spoil it, that ain’t true) or b. That I’m always just working, working, working, slaving to the grind (it’s half true). Elle and I love our jobs and duties, what inspires us is the opportunity to work with so many and create such unique things that help people grow! But even still, we are doing our best to live our lives in the other moments where I’m not pushing my pencil, writing emails or pulling my hair ou—— making phone calls to clients. Conversations, laughter, time-out, and all those other things are just as important as whatever it is you may be trying to achieve or strive for in life. It’s been a week without posting which wasn’t an intentional thing or one of those weird “hey guys I’m going on a social media hiatus...” sort of situations. Just living my life and taking care of all else! But still, missed seeing what everyone’s been up to here! Elle and I are working on finishing the photography tutorial, new presets, branding, the shop! Shipping all your goods, getting the T-shirt’s made, the books, everything! Needless to say... between being a full time designer, a full time shopkeep, a full time photographer, I think I’m running out of space to do anything else full time. So now, it’s time for some warmth with my wife! Cheers! #1924us #home #work #travel #explore #design #type #typography #art #letters #hands #tattoos #coffee #pen #pencil #film #vintage
Whether or not your politics, ideals or even feelings agree with what America is/was/does/doing... there are millions of soldiers who have bought into and fully believe - so far as to their deaths - for the freedom of their country. As an American working his way to Australia, I can’t help but breathe some sort of relief when I think of all the turmoil I am leaving behind, but also how much I take with me as I go. My father, grandfather and many more all servicemen themselves. Firsthand I’ve seen the loss, challenge and duty-laid dullness that accompanies a soldier who comes home. What I hope never to forget, is that those men and women are just that - men and women who have done so much on behalf of us being here. We all know freedom isn’t free, but seeing the long, happy, tired, expressive faces of those in duty is perhaps more impacting as well. These are unseen WWII 35’s I found at an antique store, with the good help of my friends @indiefilmlab , we recovered the images and stories left behind in tin canisters forgotten. It’s a miracle to see the images every time, and with nearly 200 photographs from several rolls, I hope one day to have an exhibition of the unnamed photographer who got these. For now, I am grateful for the work of so many who allow us to keep on the right path forward, even when our ideals don’t feel they align with the message we’re hearing. Thanks to our soldiers, veterans, friends, family, loved and lost ones. And to those we have no idea about who have given everything - not just in this country - for the belief that it is an inherent right to survive in peace, freedom and the expression of life. #1924us #ww2 #life #hope #go #film #military #thankful #35mm #blackandwhite #tired #coffee #cafe #memorialday #american
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