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EST 2018 • Handmade Rope and Leather Leashes

“No on ever made a difference by being like everyone else” -P.T. Barnum • • Rae with her Night Stalker leash. This shot is stunning, Rae is a queen 👑 Use her code ‘Rae’ on your next purchase to save! 📸 @lilraeofsun
Happy Hump day! I’ve been busy catching up so not much to say today... • • Beautiful Mako wearing the “Rolo Duo” collar. Use her code “Mako” to save on your next order! 📸 @monster_mako_
R O S E • In my store now. I’m the type of person who hates surprises. So drops like this are more my style. As well as Rose, ombré is now available to.
Happy Earth Day 🌲🌷🌿 How was your Monday? We hiked and released Odeta to our store. To top it off we have another release tomorrow! • • Penny and Piper with Raoul and Amethyst. I’m feeling Penny today 😂 Want your very own leash? Use their code “Lifepawsd” to save! 📸 @lifepawsd
I do not celebrate Easter. However I hope whoever is reading this had a great, adventurous, fun filled weekend! • • Lucian with his pine leash. How cute is he?! Use their code “Fourtails” to save on your next purchase! 📸 @tailsfromthedarkside
This picture makes me want to visit Florida 🌴🌿🌺 I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend! • • Tucker with his Jade leash. Use his code “Tucker” to save on your next order! 📸 @the_tucker_tales
Boe showing off his Willow set. What a perfect model, this color looks great on him 😍 Use Boe and Bears code “DerpyDuo” to save on your next order! 📸 @derpy.gsd.duo • • Something I’m thinking about doing is a flash sale when we hit 2.5 k followers! Would you rather have a flash sale... or a giveaway? I really am not a fan of giveaways but I would love to hear what you think!
Summer is my first international team member! She’s from Bulgaria and just recently received her charcoal leash. Doesn’t she look stunning?! Use her code “Summer” to save on your next order! 📸 @summer.the_husky • • Something I want to try to do everyday is let my followers know what I’m doing. I’m striving to make all my leather work consistent. Each piece needs to be the same size. Holes need to be measured to be in the correct positions. Handles of my leashes needs to be the same size. Bottom line, is I’m working very hard to make my work more consistent and appealing.
I love these matching boys! Oil and Everest with Aquene and Amethyst. Use their code ‘AgoutiBoys’ to save! 📸 @thetwoagoutis • • I’m blown away by the support for the recently released yellow and orange! I’m shocked you guys liked them so much. More colors and combos are planned to be released soon!
New color will be added to my shop tomorrow! I did not edit this picture in anyway.. it truly is this bright! This is a goldfish orange... would you like to help me name it?
For my night owl friends... Nira is now released! Nira is a sunflower yellow. • • Thank you for 1,700 followers! I so appreciate each and everyone of you. • As a reminder I’m participating in @pacifichound auction with a Jade leash. All the proceeds are benefiting All Points West GSP Rescue. There are over 40 other vendors participating as well. Go check out all 60 items before bidding ends at 9 pm PST tomorrow!!
Frost who recently joined the team with his Everest leash. Frost has the modeling part down with that side turn 😍 Use “Frost” when you checkout to save! 📸 @not.all.who.wander.are.frost • • A couple of announcements. The shop is back open with a fresh look 🎊🎊 Prices for leashes are all now $40. Three, four, five, and six feet are all now $40. This is an effort to actually make money instead of loosing or breaking even. I feel this is appropriate as my quality work has increased since I started. I’m hoping that will also help my motive to keep doing better and keep moving forward. However that means all team codes are now 15% off! All orders over $65 ship free. We have two new colors being released Friday. So many exciting things are happening.
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