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Soaking it all in, I'm in the best place I've been in for a long time, mentally and physically I'm bettering myself day by day, I know nothing lasts forever so I'm enjoying every single second of this ride, and I hope you all enjoy every last bit of this ride with me. No matter how many times I say it, it'll still never feel like enough, but I genuinely love and appreciate you all, always. 🙏❤️ #avengersendgame #AvengersEndgamepremiere
#AvengersEndgame was everything!, what an amazing night! I'll let you guys know more (non spoiler) later on, you laugh, you cry, you love, you don't even feel the 3hrs+ because you don't want to end! @therussobrothers @kevfeige thank you! ❤️
This is so freaking crazy to me, on already such a special day for my career, marvel go and do this, I'm forever humbled by this, means literally the world to me. Thank you, to all you, thank you. 🙏❤️ #avengersendgame
Endgame is here! LA world premiere is in just a few hours #AvengersEndgame @therussobrothers
Thanks for all the recommendations, we ended up eating at @desanopizzala They had some good clean pizza and the people were nice! I'll be checking out some more places you guys recommended 🍕❤️🙏
In 24hrs will be at the premiere getting ready to watch #avengersendgame Can't believe this movie has finally arrived! Now to go out and find some good LA pizza! Happy Easter everyone!
At least I can see the Hollywood sign and do parkour at the same time Air bnb ad be like "luxury view of the Hollywood sign" 🤣
We made it! What up LA!
See you soon LA!
Shout outs to my friends over at @samsungmobile just got my #galaxyfold was a little worried after twitter was saying they were having problems, I have been using it and testing it for 24 hrs, the phone is amazing, as a person that shows his portfolio to clients a lot this display is crazy good for showing things off, can't wait to try it out more. Ps instagram is a whole new world on this haha
Our boy @prideofgypsies shaved his beard today
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