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Recently I have been neglecting myself and my body and allowing stress to take control of my actions. Last week I was away working long hours and not in a good head space. Instead of confronting my emotions and stress and understanding their root cause I neglected them and chose to ignore my feelings. This lead to be being over-worked, exhausted and ended up having a seizure on the train home on Friday, which was still apparently not enough of a warning sign for me to show my body the love it needed. From social media, everyone paints a pretty picture of their life. Whether that is their job, their family, cars, luxury lifestyles or whatever. Sometimes we just need to take a step back. Whether that is from socialising, from work, from anything that may be eating away at you. Not sure where I’m going with this post but basically it’s ok not to be ok. And if others judge you for airing your feelings then cut those people out of your life. Accept that not everything is always going to be so social-media great. Accept your weaknesses. Accept your strengths. Don’t compare yourselves to the lives others portray of themselves. Everything is fake. With having such a large following on here I have always felt some sort of pressure to project the positives in life. Everyone posts the positives but how many people do you see posting photos of themselves mid break down crying? Love yourself 🌞🌞🌞
un capuchino de soja por favor ☕️
Baby I’m dyinnn
Bitch don’t kill my vibe
Buying flowers in our new hood🌻💐🌵🌹🌷
Patiently waiting for sun like
Night bus somewhere
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