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I’m way too choosy when it comes to the sunnies I literally spend an year looking for a perfect pair. proved to be an absolute savior. 🕶 Great quality 🕶 Strong frame 🕶 Perfect sun rays resistance. 👜 @beoneshopone It’s basically a bucket bag that comes with this small one that can either be used along with the bigger one or alone with this long strap as a crossbody bag. #sunglasses #sunglassesfashion #sunnyday #sunnyvibes #sundayfunday #bag #bagfashion
So here’s the look I created from the @makeuprevolutionpakistan Awesome Metals Foil Finish in Black Diamond 💎 Eyebrows: @makeuprevolutionpakistan Focus and Fix brow shaping kit Lashes: @elfcosmeticspk Be easy on me as it’s my first ever eye look upload. 😇💕 #eyemakeup #eyelook #shimmer #makeuprevolutionmetalsfoils #liquideyeshadow #makeuprevolutionpakistan #makeuprevolution #pakistanistreetstyle #pakistanibloggers #makeupbloggerspakistan #bloggerspakistan #styleblogger #elfcosmetics #lashes #elfcosmeticspk #makeuprevolutionbrowkit
REVIEW TIME🕰 @makeuprevolutionpakistan @makeuprevolution Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish in Black Diamond 💎 So I really love glitter eyeshadows but the thing that freaks me out or annoys me alot is the fallout and the struggle of cutting a crease with concealer or stuff like that and then apply the sparkle or glitter chunks all over. And the shimmer eyeshadows are not enough to achieve that full glam✨✨ So here’s the problem solved by this product. How to make it: The 3 steps are clearly written onto it’s box. Swipe left to see. 👈🏻 How to apply: Instead of cutting your crease with a concealer all you have to do is to apply it in a way you cut crease by a concealer. And proceed in the same way. Another suggestion is that you can use it as an eyeliner as well. 😍 Thank me later for this🙊 Best thing; This product dries out instantly so you won’t have to wait longer for it to set and dry onto your eyelids. And that’s the reason why it stays same throughout the day. TIP: 1-You have to be very quick while applying it otherwise it will dry onto your brush or in the pan as well. 2-You can use your finger or brush to apply it. 3-Best for smokey shimmery kinda eye look. THINGS YOU GET IN THE BOX ARE IN THE PICTURE ABOVE. THE PIGMENTATION SWATCH IS ALSO THERE SWIPE FOR THAT TOO. THE SWATCH RESULT IS WITHOUT THE PRIMER. SO YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW THE PRIMER WILL INTENSIFY THE LOOK EVEN MORE. “HIGHLY RECOMMEND” by me #eyemakeup #eyelook #shimmer #makeuprevolutionmetalsfoils #liquideyeshadow #makeuprevolutionpakistan #makeuprevolution #pakistanistreetstyle #pakistanibloggers #makeupbloggerspakistan #bloggerspakistan #styleblogger
My Inspirational Woman #2 💜 NANO💜💔 She’s no more with us. But yet every time I pray for something and if it’s left unanswered I don’t actually get dishearten but there’s always this thought that pops up in my mind for a mili second that if Nano would have prayed for me regarding that particular thing then it would definitely have happened. She was the one who had so much impact on me and on my life that I still stop at the places where I feel something that reminds me of her. The fragrance or something familiar is enough to take me back to that time. When the best part of vacations were to stay at her side or bring her to our place. I especially used to take her to my place just before my final exams because I have always been a dumbhead when it comes to mathematics and more specifically random Tables😭😭and my mother used to get so cruel during that period and only she was the one who used to save me from her. 😭😭😭💔💔I still remember how she used to scold my mother even if she was just staring at me. In short she made all my childhood DONT’s into DOs. ♥️♥️ I LOVE HER SO MUCH and can’t just express it in words. She was my saviour. ♥️😭💔 #happywomensday 💐 #happywomensday2k19 #happywomensday #happyinternationalwomensday #internationalwomensday
My Inspirational Woman #1 💜 So The most inspirational Women I have witnessed yet in my life are of course my Mother and my Nano. 💜 Mamma💜 She’s the one who could scare the hell out of me when I was a child. But as soon as I grew up she ended up being my Best friend, my best companion to whom I can talk to endlessly. She has not only raised me but made me a better person and still makes sure to improve me more by each passing day. She has made me confident about myself and made me stand tall and courageous and stare directly into the eyes of whatever life throws towards my side. She always tells me that no matter whatever wrong you do or how badly you had messed the things up I’m always there for you to face the world for you. Just let me know how the things have just gone wrong and I’ll fix them for you. I’m the one among my siblings who had been beaten, scolded, flying chapal , dant , kutt , pitai , narazgi and much more by this Woman but yet she loves me the most and that’s the reason why she still gets mad at me and gets angry and even stops talking to me just like friends does. But at the end she’s can’t keep it for long😂🙊nor I let her to. She’s my Constant in everything I do. My movie mate 🎥 🍿, my 🤳🏻 partner, my partner in crime, we even share ridiculously naughty and dirty jokes😂😂🙊🙊 in short She’s my happy place. 💜 #happywomensday 💐 #happywomensday2k19 #happywomensday #happyinternationalwomensday #internationalwomensday
Our Prophet Muhammad SAW preached each and every aspect of life by setting the examples by His deeds. He raised the status of women in Arab and He always respected the women belonging to all spheres of life. His Mother , His wives and His daughter. Instead of looking at the west for seeking and struggling for the rights of women if we only start acting upon Islam not just Men have to understand it but it’s equally necessary for women as well. So the world will automatically start turning into a better place and all the rights of Human (Men and Women) both will be restored to them without taking anyone’s self esteem away. 🌸 #happywomensday INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. 💜 Hats off to all women.💜 #womensinternationalday #womensdayinternational #happywomensday #womenempowerment #islamforwomen #statusofwomeninislam #8thmarch
How to clean your Beauty blenders and beauty sponges! Step 1: take a Luke warm bowl of water and soak your blender in it. Step 2:take either a face wash or face cleanser or any moisturizing lotion or use them in combination and pour it onto your sponge as well as into the water. Step 3: rub off the sponge into the water and squeeze it simultaneously. Step 4: Change water again and repeat the step 2 and 3 and then again drain the water and refill the bowl with clean water. Step 5: Heat the sponge along with clean water again into microwave. Step 6: again rub off if any product left in the sponge and wash it into a running water. And TADAANNNN you’ll eventually see your sponge is clean when the water seems to be clear on squeezing the sponge. I cleaned my @beautifybyamna_ beauty blender (old one) because I’ve using this since along time and it was super dirty now so I cleaned and snapped it separately to show you the proper results. #beautifybyamna #beautifybyamnabeautyblender #beautyblender #beautybelndercleanser #enticecosmetics #reasonablez #brushcleaning #blendercleaning #beautytools
FOCUS & FIX Brow Shaping Kit by @makeuprevolutionpakistan Shade: Light Medium Contain: A pair of tweezers An angled brush 3 Tones of brown shades Wax SHADES: All of the shades are enough pigmented and works amazing wrt to their use. First of all I outline my brows with the darkest shade in the palette and then fill them in my brows by making strokes of the lighter one. I rarely use lighter one. I use it when my brows get way too intense by using the previous shade just to lighten them up. Or I replace the lighter one from the lightest one when I haven’t get my brows done and they get way too bushy. WAX: The most amazing part pf this palette is this Wax. It can be used in 2 ways 1-before doing your brows. Apply it onto them as a primer or whatever name you wanna give it. It will first of all make your brows aligned as well as provide the powders a Canvas to stick on. 2-applying it after doing your brows will Lock 🔒 the powder into your eyebrows and make your brows secure for the whole day. Plus it intensifies the brows too. TOOLS: Pair of tweezers are cute and easy to handle. While the angled brush is very precise and good at the application and doing strokes. But may be lil difficult to handle for those who have long nails. FINAL VERDICT: An amazing product, easy to use and travel friendly and reasonable. A must buy. (For once atleast) COST: PKR 700 Got it from the official website @makeuprevolutionpakistan Also available on #eyebrowshaping #eyebrows #browsmakeup #makeuptutorial #makeuptools #makeuprevolution #makeuprevolutionlondon #makeuprevolutioneyebrowkit #paksitanimakeupblogger #makeupblogger #makeupbloggerpakistan #makeuprevolutionpalette #makeuprevolutionusa
💜HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019💜 So 2018 came to an end. It might have taken many of the things with it. Reveal several realities,exposed plenty of sugarcoated lies. May have left you alone by taking away some of the absolute strangers regarding whom we had a misunderstanding that they’re our friends. You might have got to know about many of the things that had left you heartbroken , disheartened and sad. The loss weren’t confined to us but there were many miseries that our country had faced. But the previous lesson wasn’t only about all the bad stuff. It must be anywhere in anyway had brought few of the precious memories, some delightful moments that can be a cause of keeping the previous year in our good books instead of just taking it as a bad one. There must be some part of it that we still can cherish and feel great about to be blessed with those lovely moments. Though we had lost some people but there must be some new faces that have just entered our lives the previous year to play their part live them. So forget the sorrow of the loss you have suffered last but do remember the lesson those people had taught you even if they had left you brutally. Always remember the LESSON because that the only good that loss had done is that it gave you a lesson , a chance , an opportunity to GROW. And try not to repeat those mistakes again. And last but not the least ✨START LOVING YOURSELF BUT THAT LOVING IN NO WAY SHOULD HURT THE OTHERS. ✨START TO INVEST TIME IN YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. ✨Start collecting the tiny blessings by doing small good deeds. Because I bet you those little blessings will be the best source of healing for you when you’re feeling down. ✨Try to listen to those who speak and understand those who don’t or aren’t able to speak about what’s bothering them. ✨Try to be a HUMAN and a GOOD CITIZEN 🇵🇰 ✨the least you can do good to those who’re fighting mentally is that you can listen to them or just BE THERE FOR THEM. ✨Try to be your own sunshine and be a source of light for others as well if possible. And most importantly BE POSITIVE & BE YOURSELF.❤️ #happynewyear2019 #goodvibes #newyear2019 #2k19 #newyear2k19 Comment your New Year resolution👇🏻
Is there any better option than dessert to celebrate New Years. 😍🍨🍦 So I thought of welcoming 2019 with these delightfully rich desserts by forever favourite 😍😍 Was in a bit hurry so didn’t get enough time to sit in the cafe and have it there instead I took them home and literally still these pictures are leaving me wanting more of it. We ordered two Doughnuts cones In Black and White And two Stecco In flavours Rocher and Nutella. #newyear2019 #newyear2k19 #foodporn #foodblogger #dessertporn #sweetsanddesserts #icecreamlove
یوں دی ہمیں آزادی کہ دنیا ہوئی حیران اے قائد اعظم تیرا احسان ہے احسان #quaidsday #quaideazamday 💚💚💚 #pakistan
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