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Another weekend, another suit ✔️
Mum aka Superwoman 👑
And just like that, it's been 4 years already
My 14 year old nephew explaining his new found bum fluff on his upper lip. Time to start shaving buddy 🧔#grown #moustache #laugh #family #nephew #ruiz
The mind is everything. What you think, you become 🙏 #thoughtsbecomethings
The world really needed this! There's so many supplements to choose from these days, but do you really know what's in it? One look at @ryderwearperformance supps and you'll know we're not here for a short time. One taste, and and you're hooked. #ryderwear #rwperformance #tried #tested #proven #imback #supplements #hooked
A lovely photo of my brother @mr_ruiz and I. Happy birthday you cheesy Mexican #happybirthday #cholo #flippingthebird #idgaf
It has been a long time since I was selling supps, I still have a passion for them, so here it is! @ryderwearperformance is bringing out our own range of #supplements . Something that we have been working on for so long! Starting with a thermogenic fat burner (you need to try the coffee) and a pre workout which is not for beginners!! But it will turn a beginner into a seasoned veteran in no time! This is just the start of what will be coming real soon! 🤫 Checkout the competition we are running on the @ryderwear page where we are giving away $5000 of prizes!! #rwperformance #ryderwear #changingthegame
Great day at @derrimut247 Gepps Cross today. Surprise visit by @kaigreene where Kai gave away and signed a bunch of shoes! We'll be back at Derrimut Gepps Cross on the 13th of June for a VIP Ryde with Kai training seminar with Kai. Limited tickets still available. #kaigreene #ryderwear #rydewithkai
What's good fam? Kai is in the house 💪🏾 #ryderwear #teamryderwear
Life is what you make of it. Each morning I've been saying to myself, I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which one it will be. #life #living #positivenergy #positiveaffirmations #dosomething #choices
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