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i have a weird job for a grown man || They pull faces out of me || They clap. I bow || Somewhere else an eletrician fixes light.

Bambai. बांद्रा । . सबका . जिसका . Null & Void। । । । । । । । । । । । । - : लिफ़ाफ़ा - Postal Address aur Tamasha.
Munna bhaiya daab liye humko .. woh bhi @kapoorbaba ki burrrrday pe.. itna pyar mila humko uss raat ki 4 ghante baad hum bukhaar mein lathpath thhey.. lekin zindagi ho toh aisee ho- bharpoor. Extreme. Last minute. Warna “grow up” toh humko bhi aata hai. Usi ki fight hai. Humko nahi hona . Oh haan, rakshabandhan ke din shayad pehli raakhi hum hee ko baandhi gayi thheee. So thanks for the biodegraleleleeladable rakhi @harshita1210 .. uska anaukha video hai daaloonga ek din. @shriya.pilgaonkar tumne yaadein taaza kardeen, usse yaad aaya, best of luck for the dub. @rasikadugal heeh @battatawada gols hey hey ramu se bachna @divyenndu @gurmmeetsingh thank you maestro for the photo. Oh and for Mirza. And for you. To the mad team also- kyuki yeh waali cinema banaane ke liye dimaag chahiye aur nahi bhi. To bottles and amit siyal - mazel tov. Both crashed. Hehehe . Rupali aur Abbas bhai ko bada waala hug . Ok gtg . Fever rising.
Taking you back in time to witness a family’s legacy at stake. Some relationships are jaded within colors of emotions . Releasing on 20th september, 2019. Sanjay Dutt Productions’ #Prasthanam directed by #Devakatta @duttsanjay @m_koirala @apnabhidu @chunkypanday @amyradastur93 @satyajeetdubey @chahattkhanna @iamdivinaathackur #DevaKatta @maanayata @sandy_bhargava @nh_studioz @sanjaysduttprod @prasthanamfilm @zeemusiccompany #NarendraHirawat @abhijitchawathe @nutcase19 @lovel.arora
So i have something cool to share here - The UrbanClap massage service gave me freedom from all the muscle pain, soreness and body ache my hectic schedule brings along. All I had to do was make a booking on my preferred time, sit back and relax. So download the UrbanClap app and get up to 60% off on a range of their services and celebrate the feeling of #AsliFreedom @urbanclap @urbanclapbeauty Coordinated by : @yzarinay
Can i say something really cool? There is no filter on this one!!! 🤭😉. Yep. Just the nature playing its tricks. #throwback #toronto
#Repost @bollywoodirect AREYYYYYY yaaar, oh god... mere bachpan ka ek hissa by default. Baapre baap... the brain is so fascinating, the lyrics came back in no time. Can we get Aahat and Dekh bhai dekh next. @bollywoodirect ・・・ Kabhi Sunday Morning #Chandrakanta Ke Saath Shuru Hua Karti Thi. ☺️ #doordarshan #90skid #90s
Pick a constant C and let the original ‘X’ be at the origin of the plane ; replace X by X times X - Add the constant C; REPEAT. Thats it thats what connects us all. Across. @therichachadha Mentioned it the other day in different words and it took that for my brain to dig out the simplest most complex formula from memory. Heheh. Which brings me to this picture. Ive gone on record saying i quit smoking.. i didnt. I keep lying. Patterns break to create new ones. Nonetheless we all adhere to them. Its ingrained. I am a thousand shapes and sizes. And am yet to discover those. Yes this picture is cool. No smoking isnt. Hehe . Yes i plan to quit. No i still havent. No i wasnt promoting it. Grow a brain and dont follow suit. Oh shut up.. . . . . Photo courtesy: @rakeshsidana
#Repost @cinemonkeys ・・・ 🙌 Credits: Opale - "Sparkles and Wine" Via @cinema.magic
Clothed by @soodpranav Clicked by @rakeshsidana Lot many more people involved. Lot many always are. Lotto ppl. Law ta people. Lota peeps lota laana. Hain?
Yea we might have had a bit of a powerhouse on stage that day. Quite insane. Hehe. And with Baba its usually fun and then topped with Jaggu da: a whole new level. Toh kiya hum sab ne.. cake type press conference. Dhish dhish dhish !!! #prassthanamfilm
Just because i miss him sometimes.. I want to be remembered like this if i ever have to be. If its all worth something. Because its all one big fat fantasy and everyday we pass by the best part of ourselves at some point. Grab that. 🤡🤡🤡 and if all that doesnt work just call me i got a funny ringtone . #Repost @must_act ・・・ Remembering the great Robin Williams on what would have been his 68th Birthday. Rest In Peace Robin, you’re always missed. 🙏 “You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all.” -Robin Williams- - What’s your favorite performance from Robin Williams?
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