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Your daily dose of happiness🤓 Actress🦖💫 UN Ambassador🍃 @cernyfit @acerny2 #AmandaCerny 💛

Has anyone seen @kingbach ?
Beach don’t kill my vibes !!!! Ugh I’m such a little cancer baby... This little crab is Always craving the coast and family and lots and lots of love ! Excuse me while I get these vegan gains 💪🏼 and seclude myself to work on these scripts. 🎬 Ps. This is my hotter and even brighter twin @samanthacerny . Give her a follow and let her know she deserves the world! As do you you ❤️💫 You deserve it too.. don’t let them walk over you and convince you otherwise ! love you forever #teamcerny ... Remember when I use to call you guys #cernation ?! 😂😂 Can’t decide which I enjoy more but name doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you’re here .. with me ❤️ sweet dreams my loves! You’re strong. You’re smart and you’re sexy asf in case you may have made a mistake and thought otherwise today . 💋
These fuhkinnnn guys!!!! @johannesbartl
@ohoneydiary episode with @erikacostell is now live!!! 🍯 Find out what the buzz 🐝 is all about and leave @sommerray and I some sweet and sticky 5 star reviews ! Love you!!!
A healthy reminder 💛
Your tour guide 🙋🏻‍♀️ Fun Fact : This is where they dump the bodies #Florida
Party of one in Miami 🙋🏻‍♀️ Comment when you finally see it 💫
Bests efforts to provide you with some Fitspo for this week! Because I care and Love you babies!!! Each hand to mouth movement is a calorie burned ! Every little bit counts but let’s aim for more😈😘❤️!! @cernyfit
Rutttttrowwwww trouble in paradise! All new @ohoneydiary 🍯 episode is now live! Where @mike_ryan_celebritytrainer is giving #teamcerny some legendary fitness tips as @sommerray and I fight it out!🥦😂❤️ Download full episode now & Give us some five star reviews for more #ohoneypodcast
Florida Girl☀️🌊You?
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