Adventure cats🐈☀️ Follow our next destinations 🏕 📍Québec, Canada My clothes are from @arthemisclothing

Winter was so amazing ❄️ - Do you prefer summer or winter ?
Fire cat 🔥😻 Do you bring you kitty with you on camping ?
Are you ready for this adventure ? 🙀 - Guys, I need your help. We will go on a road trip in Canada in a few days BUT we don't really know where to go ! Do you have any suggestions ? Thanks ❤️ - Do you know the cat backpack ? This is from @arthemisclothing and this is the most amazing product for adventure cat ! 🌲☀️🌊
Mommy, come with me 🌲😻 - Alvin loves adventures ! We are so surprised. You will see a lot of photos with him because we think he like it much more than Arthemis. 🙀 - I am so sorry guys for being that inactive ! With the school, examens, @arthemisclothing and roadtrip I really posted less and I am sorry for this. I will try to post at least 2 times per week to keep you update with our adventures ! ☀️ - Wearing @arthemisclothing 📸
GIVEAWAY // Win a harness from @arthemisclothing ☀️😸 ⬇️ TO ENTER ⬇️ 1- Follow @arthemisclothing & @arthemisthecat ❤️ 2- Share this in your story and tag us so we can see 👀 3- Tag your friends. One friend per comment and each friends is one more chance ! If you tag 50 friends you will get 50 chances 🎉 The winner will be annouced when @arthemisclothing will get 15 K ! Good luck 🙀❤️
My two moods. Happy Monday everyone ❣️
This new baby is named ALVIN ❣️Thank you so much for your help and welcome to Alvin 😻
I need your help to FIND A NAME to this baby ! 😻 New family member ❣️
Spring, I was waiting for you.☀️ Today was such a cool adventure ! I played outside 2 hours with mom. The sun was hot and I loved it😻 - Coat from @arthemisclothing
Keep me warm 🌷 - I want to say I am sorry for been inactive ! I was in exam period so it was a little bit hard for me to post on instagram. Now, I am in summer vacation and I will have many amazing photos this summer ! We also have a HUGE surprise coming soon ( May 11th) be ready😻 - Hoodie from @arthemisclothing
Let's see the world together 🐈🌲 - Cat backpack from @arthemisclothing
Cozy kitty ☀️
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