A V V A couture

•COUTURE• the design and manufacture of fashionable details 🧵✂️ All products are handmade ❗️

Beautiful @meet_up_dea & new one @avva_couture_ leather belt 💥💥💥
• Life is to short to wear boring clothes • 🦋 @avva_couture_
Sunshine on my mind ☀️ @avva_couture_ #leatherbelt
Smell the sea and the sky - let your soul and spirit fly 🍉 #summer #lover 🦋 @avva_couture_ #leatherbelt
The beauty of life is in small details, not in big events ✔️ @avva_couture_ #leatherbelt
Black @avva_couture_ leather belt ✔️✔️
“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” – Coco Chanel ✔️ @avva_couture_ #leatherbelt
Good morning 🍀 @avva_couture_ #leatherbelt
⭐️PRINTED⭐️ leather belt @avva_couture_ 🍀
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