Бахар Набиева

@dragonpharma_llc athlete My goals don’t stop for anyone ,either you support me or I make it happen alone.Either way it’s going to happen

@dragonpharma_llc USA you ready for me?
Caption ?😀
@dragonpharma_llc everybody tryna tell me what I stand for but you don’t fcking know me homie you don’t want war
That was the day they were looking at me different
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I killed your crew and I ain’t even had dinner yet
@dragonpharma_llc “We let the venom in your blood, king cobra I got the venom in my heart, never sober”
Would you taste it?i mean @dragonpharma_llc protein 😎
Why @rodrigo_romeh so happy in this pic ?🧐
Don’t get on my bad side I’m dangerous
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