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Mr & Mrs Tolerated (Ben & Nikita)😄 Disney loving family of 4 💖🏰 Ship worldwide from uk 🌎 Design personalised badges, magnets, keyrings and vinyl. 🐝

Where would your dream hen party destination be? Did you know we do Hen Party badges? We have this pre designed set online and we can also do customised orders if you drop us a DM. As today’s theme is thankful in the @littleschoolofbusinesses challenge I’m gonna tag some of my awesome small business powerful women in this post! #littleschoolchallenge
Have you ever wanted to go into space? When we started Barely Tolerated Designs, it was a small business idea with the main purpose of completing our Disney bounds. It rapidly grew and suddenly we where soaring and we couldn’t quite believe it. Then our Tolerated shaped rocket hit a blip and we where spinning into the darkness and if it hadn’t been for several other insta people and small business owners we would have given up. However we’re still here and stronger than ever and that’s in no small part thanks to the following people (go check out their awesome pages). @disneylauraa (who owns this pic) our brand rep @liveyourdreamcompany who constantly encouraged us to keep going. @london_kawaii who has always suported our products from day one. @disneyfan_alice who is an awesome cheerleader for Barely Tolerated @iminstitches79 for being one of our best customers and for making us our very own Barely Tolerated cosy!!! Thanks for making us believe we can go to infinity and beyond!! (Instead of infinity and beyond or worse your foot!!) #littleschoolchallenge
What is your favourite theme park ride? I absolute loved disney bounding as a the tea cup ride on dapper weekend in Disneyland Paris and of course we had to have badges that matched our skirts! What was even more special is I got to have this wonderful, crazy day with my best friends in the world. These girls (and @pixiedustandmagic1 who ditched us for florida) have believed in Team Tolerated from day one. They test our products. They tell us what’s naff or awesome. They cheer on our achievements and they wipe our tears at our failures. No business is a one man show and we couldn’t do what we do without our teacup crew. #behindthescenes #teacuptuesday #littleschoolchallenge
Anyone else a coffee addict? This is probably a more accurate picture of my #behindthescenes as this is where I do all my planning and of course product testing 😂 Today I’ve been testing out my amazing customised cozy from @iminstitches79 which has our Barely Tolerated initials and she added little Mickey ears as we are Disney obsessed. One of my fav things about running a small business is building friendships and working with other businesses. #littleschoolchallenge #coffeecozy #buttonbadges
Where is your happy place? It’s no secret that our happy place is Disney. A few years ago we where lucky enough to do the parks tour in Disneyland Paris and got a bit of a look at how it works behind the scenes. If you swipe you’ll see the behind the scenes of my home happy place. This is where our Barely Tolerated magic happens. It’s only a small space right now but hopefully we will have a larger Disney themed work space completed by the end of next week. It might be small but for now it’s helping big dreams come true. #dreamit #believeit #littleschoolofbusiness #disneydad
New range!! This is a new part of our awareness range and it’s for allergies!! Little dude Tolerated used to have a pretty nasty dairy allergy, not life threatening but still lead to a few hospital stays. It was always a little stressful reminding everyone involved in his life about his allergies and he did have a wrist band which he loved but we thought these would be helpful to for on school bags and lunch bags, gym bags and afterachools bags. It also helps prevents any pranks for older kids or reminding kids not to share food around and even could be helpful to adults as a visual reminder to others servicing their food. (If it’s on a backpack etc) There is a full range online now and as always we are happy to customise to specific needs for no extra cost. #allergies #alertbadge #awarenessbadge #awareness #allergybadge #littleschoolofbusiness
#magicalMonday Nothing chases Away the Monday blues like a bit of Disney planning and today we’ve been discussing Halloween outfits and Disney bounds! What makes your Monday magical? #disneylifehappywife
Today I’m going to give you a little insight into Me - or us as Barely Tolerated designs! We are a family of four who love all things Disney. Mr Tolerated is a product and marketing director with a degree in graphic design and he does all of our awesome design work. I, Nikita, am more on the ideas, social media side, I love to get to know people and I love to Disney bound and our badge designs really came from a need of accessories for myself and we’ve grown from there. I still wear badges all the time myself and I get very excited when I see customers wearing our designs especially in the Disney parks! Come along with us on our @littleschoolofbusinesses challenge this week and learn more about our Barely Tolerated Team. Why not tell me what makes you, you? What’s your hobby, or passion in life? What do you love to create or spend time doing?? #littleschoolchallenge
I love a bag switch day!! I go between this and my woody hype bag but I also have a few others from DLP and a loungefly mushu one that i love! Bags are totally my weakness but I love customising them with our badges and of course a keyring is always needed. What’s you’re shopping weakness? Bags? Shoes? Stationary? #disneybag #disneybutton #disneyaccessory
Watching all the MNSSHP posts is making me want to break out Hocus Pocus and have an autumnal chilled day. But instead we’re off to @wearevertigobelfast inflatapark with the Mini’s and their cousins so I feel like this design might be even more accurate at the end of the day 😂 what are you all up to on this not so sunny Sunday? #drinkupwitches #mnsshp
💚Gifted💚 Mrs Tolerated over at @imadisneycaterpillar was very lucky to be gifted this awesome Toy story alien cup from @paladone this week. But it made us want to pull together some of our Toy story merch (yup we have lots more) for a pic and doesn’t it just fit in perfectly (esp with our badge) . You can grab these cups from @empukofficial @newlook @truffleshufflecom and and they are awesome for a hot choc (and soon pumpkin spice!! #toystory
Love coffee dates with little Miss Tolerated and when the badges teach life goals it’s even better. I hope she’s always this woman (even if she has spent all morning telling me my hair needs some serious attention 😂😂) #princess #strongwomen #warrior
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