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📷: @homegrow_pro Day 47 of flowering has arrived. I will feed her one last time today with a 1.5x boost of @biobizzwwo Topmax followed by 2 weeks of pH corrected tapwater to get the fade going. I will also have to keep a very close look for trichome colors. Since most pistils are already turning brown and laying back onto the bud this one could be faster than the anticipated nine weeks given by the breeder. Im now taking guesses on the final yield. I think I will end up pretty close to 300g (10.5 oz), but you never know whats under their skirt if theyre that bushy. Could be more, could be less :) This is run was definetly worthwhile and I am stocked to show you guys the end result of that run. The terpene profile is now very clear on the Gelato page. Well done by @barneysfarm ! The top buds show an incredibly dense resin coat. This timelapse is done with a Canon EOS 600D with two different lenses that I interchanged through the course of the run. I took 6435 pictures for it automated via a Raspberry Pi 3+ as a controlling unit and some Adobe magic to merge it all together. This run is already 131 days long and will be close to 6 months until the product is fully cured and ready to be enjoyed to its maximum extend. Much like an outdoor run to be honest. I am growing in a 0.8m² enclosure using 300 W of @proemit sunbars (6x 50W CXB3950 COBs). I grow in Biobizz soil using Biobizz nutrition and lemon juice concentrate to tackle the high pH value from my tapwater. I topped this plant once and spread her out with gardening metal stakes as well as strings which I attached to the the branches and the side of the pot to keep the canopy at an even level. My watering schedule requires the medium to dry out to some extend so I have given her 10l of nutrient solution every 4-5 days over the course of the run. The plant has shown no signs of deficiency, although I think I ran into some nitrogen overdosing right after the flowering switch, but Im not sure about that. #cannabis #indoorgrow #ledgrow #timelapse #timelapsegrow #growathome #growyourown
📷: @kronicle420 Adding some NYC Diesel to this joint. Great way to check progress. I only do this on the lower popcorn buds, just press and roll it on there, be firm but be gentle and smoke away 🤤😁 #weed #spliff #nycdiesel #barneysfarm #soma #oldschool
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