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Some cats can suffer from partial or complete hearing loss, which can profoundly impact their perception of the world. 🐱 🌍 If you have a deaf kitty, here are a few things that can help you provide them with long, happy, and comfortable lives! 👂💕(Link in bio⤴️) #basepawsblog
“Move over dogs, it’s meow time!”🐱💼Happy National Take Your Cat to Work Day everyone! Wouldn’t cats make purrfect work companions every day?😅🐈
🐱HAPPY PAWTHER’S DAY!🐱💕To our furry cat-dads, and those with (only) two legs – today is all about you! For this occasion, we compiled a list of supawstar cat-dads.👑 Swipe ⬅️ to let us know who is your favorite, and read their cat stories on our blog (link in bio ⤴️). 🔔SPECIAL DISCOUNT🔔 For the next 24 hours, you can get 15% off your CatKit with the code FATHER15! 📸:@iansomerhalder @mchdaily @rickygervais
🐱Caturday Fact!🐱 Any guesses about which breeds are thought to be the loudest? 🎶
What if we told you about a meowgical lounge, full of rescue kittens waiting to be cuddled? 🐱✨🎆 And what if we told you we would be going there tonight?! 🎉 Fur real! 💕Check our stories later today for some special kitten-love!
Dear cat guardians, today we would like to share the story of one of our favorite cat warriors, the story of fearless Emily! 🐱Emily lives with feline diabetes, and despite all the odds stacked against her, she puts up a great fight every day. 💕Her hooman Alissa recently recruited Emily in our diabetes research study in an effort to raise awareness about this vicious disease and help us improve our understanding of it.This is their story! (⤴️Link in bio) Do you have a diabetic kitty too? 🐈Share your story below! #felinediabetes #catdiabetes @princess_emily_and_lionel @amaglaras
So much love in one image! 🥰 🐈We want to spread even more kitty-love in honor of Father's day this weekend, with a purrfect gift for all the #catdads out there! 🎁 Tag your favorite #catdad and use the code FATHER15 on our online store for 15% off (link in bio!) 💕
The Exotic Shorthair is a gentle, curious and friendly kitty who was created as a shorthaired version of the Persian cat through outcrossing with the American Shorthair. This purrfect little companion has the best of both worlds! Follow the link in our bio for the meowgical story of the Exotic Shorthair!
«I bought the Basepaws kit because I recently got my first cat (after having lived with my parents’ cats my whole life) and I’m absolutely mad about him. His name is JiJi, an 8 month old black domestic shorthair. He’s incredibly affectionate, and he has certain physical features that makes me think he’s closely related to Siamese, or some kind of oriental breed like that. ⠀ I’m interested in knowing more about his breed, because right now all we know is he is black and has short hair (!) but I’m also interested in the potential for knowing possible health difficulties he may be prone to. Anything I can know so that I can make his life better is worth it! ⠀ I can’t wait to discover more about my kitten!» (с) pet human Rachel😺 #BasepawsCats
Show our ginger kitties out their some love! Do you have a ginger kitty?
New blog post 🐱link in bio ⤴️ Most of the time, cats communicate their feelings to us through body language. On some occasions, however, cats let us in on their world by directly talking to us too. When your kitty meows, chirps, purrs or yowls, do you really know what they're trying to tell you? To help you out, here is your crash course in Cat! #basepawsblog
#repost #basepawscats @sofflus “Mommy bought another DNA test from Basepawsbut this time it is for big brother Felix 😻can’t wait to see what he is a mix of 😸
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