Bobby Esbrandt, PT, DPT, CSCS

▪️Co-Owner of @ImpactSportsPT ▪️Doctor of Physical Therapy ▪️Strength & Conditioning Specialist ▪️Sports Performance Enhancement

LABRUM REHAB . Shoulder strengthening and stability training with University of Alabama football commit @cbj.10 , 11 weeks following surgery to repair a torn labrum. . @impactsportspt
DECELERATION TRAINING . Working on deceleration and force absorption with D1 basketball prospect @bwalker_20 as he rehabs from bilateral patellofemoral pain. . @impactsportspt
ACL REHAB . Single leg stability training with professional basketball player @scoeshow , 6 weeks following ACL surgery. . @impactsportspt
HIP REHAB . Hip and trunk strengthening with @fairfieldstags field hockey commit @riley_patro as she rehabs from chronic inner hip/groin pain. . @impactsportspt
HIP FLEXOR STRENGTHENING . Eccentric hip flexor strengthening during rehab with Baltimore Ravens WR @quincya18. . @impactsportspt
LISFRANC REHAB . Working on improving ankle planar flexion strength with @morganstatebears WR @bgentry_7 as he recovers from Lisfranc surgery. . @impactsportspt
ACL/MENISCUS REHAB . Rehab with former NBA and current professional overseas basketball players @dsummers_35 (1 week following menisectomy) and @scoeshow (5 weeks following ACL surgery). . @impactsportspt
PATELLAR TENDON REHAB . Isometric and eccentric quadriceps strengthening with @weberstatembb commit @jujujordan3 as he rehabs from patellar tendinopathy. . @impactsportspt @teamr1a
NON WEIGHT-BEARING REHAB . Rehab with high school basketball standout @camwhitmore as he recovers from a tibia fracture. . Athletes can (and should!) be challenged throughout the course of their rehab, even in situations where weight-bearing is limited or prohibited. . @impactsportspt
SHOULDER REHAB . Rehab with University of Alabama football commit @cbj.10 as he recovers from shoulder labrum repair surgery. . @impactsportspt
HIP LABRUM REHAB . Rehab with NFL cornerback @thousandracks43 as he recovers from hip labrum surgery. . @impactsportspt
ANKLE REHAB . Working on ankle plantar flexion tolerance and strength with CFL standout @ochodougie as he rehabs from a chronic ankle sprain and bone bruise. . @impactsportspt
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