Alexander DeLeon

BOHNES. THE CAB. singer. songwriter. creative director. traveler. NEW ALBUM “206: ACT II” OUT NOW! *LINK BELOW*

happy father’s day, you legend. you truly are one of a kind and my hero. @deleonraider *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
mile high. ☁️ @josephineskriver *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
just wanted to send everyone a little love and positive today. 📷@shiyingshoots
my best friend is hotter than your best friend. oh yeah.. she’s my fiancée too. @josephineskriver @raiders *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
been really happy lately. really really happy. i have also been having a ton of fun. maybe too much. the new music reflects that. it feels good. it takes you for a ride. the boys and i are having some fun making it. @TheCab shot on film by the lovely @pixielevinson *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
thinking about what the next @TheCab album should be called... *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
to my heart&soul. thank you, mom. hard to hold back tears looking at these pictures and how great of a relationship we have. you are sunshine to this entire world. i hope you know that. you truly are everything magical and beautiful that exists. love you to the moon and back.
the statue of Laocoön and his sons. one of my favorites and few from this era that represents agony without the possibility or meaning of redemption/reward. true and pure sadness. *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
find yourself someone who loves you as much as i love italy. 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
who can wear the most loud collared shirt contest 2019. #metgala2019 @shawnmendes @isaaccarew
@blackpinkofficial in my area. *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
in a way @TheCab defines me. what does my band mean to me? well.. for me... it represents hope, courage, camaraderie, and perseverance. i set out to inspire others but as the world would have it.. the people i sang and wrote for every night around the world were the ones who were doing the inspiring. they helped mold who i am today and restored my faith in people. thank you to my brothers i toured the world with. i started this band when i was 14 years old and i am ready to finish what i started. Happy @TheCab day everyone. don’t look at my insta stories unless you want to get bombarded with nostalgia and my favorite pictures from my band days over the last 15 years. i’m not crying you’re crying.
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