Jessie Chang

USC Cinematic Arts 2020

A concept I made for my senior thesis awhile back. #conceptart #visualart #visualdevelopment #art #digitalart #digitalpainting #sketch
It won't let me put the whole image if I do these so I'm just gonna do this for now. My friend wanted her accessory to be a water gun so here it is. Gun. #pokemon #digitalart #digitalpainting #art
A fun doodle I made of some friends as pokemon because I've rediscovered the joy of drawing whatever random stuff I want. #pokemon #art
Had fun doodling some shells. I'm probably gonna make a seashell piece soon.
Drew this while watching Umbrella Academy on Netflix. It's not that great of a show so far but I think I'll use this idea in my senior thesis.
My friend's roommate was talking about spirits and cleansing her room monthly with some sorts of herbs so I drew this. #art
Melted butterfly wings. A concept for my senior thesis.
Sea serpents are fun to draw!
My new foster kittens Lucy and Panda! They're two months old and really needy/adorable.
Update Fish has been adopted by my friend Izzy! And her name is now Kaya. She's a chunky big baby now.
Some sketches I drew at my friends place.
Day 4: Visits That one place on my way to Kaley's that sometimes plays music.
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