I'm a friendly fluffball adopted from Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue. I had a rough start to life, but am spoiled and living it up now!

This little man has graced our planet for 6 years today! Now let's get going with the treats!
I don't always snooze through Friday, but I'd better rest up for a special day tomorrow...
Eyes on the prize! Credit @sunnymartini and @seattlerefined
Work will have to wait. No getting around this floof block!
As many of my friends know, I am deaf. But dad and I have been working on hand signals, and deafness can't stop this good boy from sitting on command now!
Oh, were you looking at little ol' me? Credit @sunnymartini and @seattlerefined
But Sunday is for laying in bed all day, isn't it?
Adorable fan art from @ryanaltounji. Thank you so much! ❤️
Saturday breeze. Credit @sunnymartini and @seattlerefined
Some days are certainly grumpier than others. @realgrumpycat ❤️
If you snooze till Friday, it's already Friday.
Tasty, but where are the rest of the treats? 😋 Credit @sunnymartini and @seattlerefined
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