Carlotta Champagne

LA based model. Published in Playboy,Maxim,Girls Next Door,Attack of the Show, Project Runway, Playboy TV, etc. backup account @carlotta.champagne

#bts at my shoot today where I was shooting content for my patreon...speaking of, did you know that we hit our April goal, so as a thank you there are well over a dozen photo sets accessible for only $1 should check it out asap! The vault closes May 1!
Me being derpy in this fab and ridiculous dress, captured by @geaphoto This dress is vintage, most likely hand made from the 60s. Its hard to see, but has side cut outs that were popular then.
That look tho. 1am, and the last thing I do before I sleep is update my patreon and Instagram. I may be a workaholic.... but more likely a procrastinator, lol.
GOAL REACHED! I hit my patreon goal for April, so now all patrons pledging $1 and up get access to a huge folder of photos (over a dozen sets!), plus a brand new photoset that I posted last night. Go check it out! Photo by @girlsonglass
I love how erotic this photo is without showing anything! If you do want to see the rest though, today is your lucky day! We hit my April patreon goal, so all patrons at all levels $1 and up get access to a huge folder of bonus photosets, plus a brand new one from this look by @annademarcophotography Check it out, when the month is up, the vault closes again!
Happy Easter! Photo by @irisphoto7 To see more please visit I'm only 4 patrons (edit, now 2!) away from my monthly goal (2 people need to sign up for $1, that's nothing!!!) And then even more bonus goodies will get dropped. Bonus sets, unlocking a vault of pictures and more!! And I posted a massive throwback set for everyone a few days ago..go look!
#bts at a recent shoot. I post my behind the scenes photos and snaps on my patreon. Get access and so much more over there! PS: we're only 4 patron sign ups from my April goal! When we reach it all patrons $1 and up get a bonus photo set! Check it out!
Have a great weekend everyone! #Repost by @madegrandbycam
Have a great night! Have you seen my patreon bonus photo set for only $1 ... it's pretty awesome!
IG has really really been doing some weird stuff with art and glam model accounts, and less and less people are able to find me. Are you still seeing this? I am adding a $1 bonus set on my patreon as a special thank you for everyone who is still watching me and following despite how difficult it has become to search for me on here. Go check out this uncensored set here Photo above by @girlsonglass
Have a good night! I think I'm going to give a special treat tomorrow for those who pay attention on here ;) Photo/gif by @geaphoto
#throwback photo by @ransomjphoto from several years back! Im going to post the full photo set soon on patreon ;)
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