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I am not judging I promise. I am concerned for American people. I am at River Front Country Concert and about 4000 people are here. About 3000 are not healthy. I wish I could tell them what they are doing to their bodies. It’s scares me to know that everyday I could help someone and they won’t spend $4.34 a day to give their body nourishment but they will spend twice that amount on alcohol, fast foods, cigarettes and drugs and think nothing of it. Even if I could convince them to do half of what their doing, I would feel better. Don’t people see that our government is using them for our population control??? Pray for us.
Stress..... can cause so many illnesses! So what do you do to avoid it? What do you do to relieve it? I would love to hear some input. My next post will be on what I do to avoid and relieve. Please share and definitely come back for me.
Studies have shown that most Adults need 7-8 hours per night!
Happy Friday!!! To change things up a bit, I have a question. Please help me with my final paper by answering truthfully. How many hours of sleep do you get daily?
Hey! I know it’s Monday but it’s also a new day, a new week, and in that lies a new opportunity for is to make something happen. How about a lifestyle change? Are you interested in becoming healthy, feeling better each day? Let’s do this together! Leave me a comment if you are interested!!!
An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Too many apples may bring your sugar levels up. Always remember that our fruits have natural sugar in them so we still need to watch how much fruit a day we consume. Darn it’s hard to stay healthy but so worth the way you feel. How many of you hear me?
Look at my beautiful tree behind me! I wish it would stay like that all year. What is your favorite blooming tree?🦚
Clear your mind for 2 minutes. Take a deep breath and exhale. You deserve this. Come back to this ever time you feel overwhelmed!
I say these words every day to someone. People aren’t born with confidence. It’s gained over time. The environment that you grew up in was part of the foundation of who you would be. People we need to quite blaming others or circumstances on how we feel or the person we are. Yes society has an impact on you. And so does your environment. In the end it comes back to you and the choices you make. Hopefully you messed up on some things because then you gained more knowledge. If you allowed yourself to, Allowing yourself to be afraid and yet trying it anyway will help your confidence. Reading self-development books and listening to podcasts on building self confidence will give you the tools too. The thing to remember the most is that all of us, go through the same thing when it comes to putting our selves out there, for people to make judgements and someone will. But that’s on them. You see now your doing self development and you already know that being afraid is normal and you’ve pushed through it. Your going to succeed because you can. If any of you need help finding the right tools to build your confidence, please dm me. I will give you the names of books and podcasts to help you. Are you ready to get challenged?
What can you do today to help someone??? I would like to help someone become more confident!!! are you wanting to feel better about yourself? Dm for information on my ebook or my next transformation group coming up. Or both? Have you checked out the@131methodbook in my bio yet?
I love Mondays!!!! Monday’s give me another business week to help other people become healthier and happier!! Put a smile on your face and make someone else smile back!!! Post below when you have accomplished this today!!!
Is there anything better for breakfast? I made this from a recipe in my @131method book. Look in my bio for the link for the book. If you are serious about getting your insides healthy and your ready to feel better than you won’t want to miss buying this book. This book is yours for life to reference to and @chalenejohnson made it easier to understand. It’s the best $20 I have ever spent. The recipes alone are worth that. But the knowledge that I have gained on my body is priceless! I just want to give @chalenejohnson and the dietitians @131methodbook @131method a huge shout out for all the work you have put out for us. It’s amazing Thank you!
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