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FHSS🐝 grade 11, grad 2020 “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”

THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (2019) short film review: In a modern retelling of the 1920s classic, director Aum Deoli, then replaced by @jennayasmina and pushed to co-director, tell the story of the first act of THE CABINET OF CALIGARI, now turned into a cringeworthy, confusing comedy. How do you possibly begin with this film? Masked with pretty faces and non stop comedy, still can’t hide the fact just how lazy this movie is, thanks to its shitty screenplay by Cinephile Aum Deoli. The young chap tries his best to make somewhat sense out of the already confusing story, but butchers the entire structure and dialogue to the degree, where the actors can’t even follow the script, and are forced to improvise, besides the fact that they can’t even remember them. Prahlad Campbell, Alex Tran and Emily Wilkinson struggle with their lines, while Jose Andres goes on a roll by completely improvising and thus stealing the show. Aum was booted off as director after his reluctancy to take leadership and lack of competency, and thus Jenna Nawri was chosen as director. She somewhat tried to make a less mess out of the already large mess, but couldn’t save this film. @michaelnovak_jr serves as the film’s main cinematographer, and his work is beautiful. Shot in black-and-white and 4K quality, the shots in the film are filled with beautiful dark silhouettes, and besides the cinematography, Aum Deoli’s fast paced editing is also a saving grace of the movie, letting some shots linger, immersing you into the fictional world, while cutting others fast to keep a steady, Edgar Wright-ish energy. Overall the film is funny in sometimes the right and sometimes the wrong way, and in the end what really matters is that it’s just a project made by a bunch of friends, showing that ANYONE can make a movie. Grade: A+ @thatbeeboy @thebat_man4910 @allaboutcinephilia @allthebestfilms @films_of_the_future @the_real__mikey_g_ @thereviewguru101 @mpmoviereviews @movieballer_64 @cinefan1230 @matthewhoobin @mt_cinema @j.t._.125 @bluej_cinema @ghost_burger_0 @lonniprivate @beautifulfilmshotsdaily @everything.cinema #movie #movies #films #film #cinema #shortfilm #cinematography #filmmaker #screenplay
ROCKETMAN (2019) movie review: Directed by Dexter Fletcher, ROCKETMAN is a musical biopic fantasy about the life of Elton John in his early years, and his battle with drugs, struggle with homosexuality, and his desire to be truly loved. The film clearly understands Sir Elton is a man who’s liver a lavish life, whose music and fashion has become such a huge part of what defines who he is, so it takes a musical fantasy approach at it, where people break into musical numbers and literally FLOAT during concert performances, and despite the same old drug addiction issue all these musical biopics deal with, the way ROCKETMAN deals with them manages to still keep it engaging, and Taron Edgerton who plays Elton John just CHEWS the scenery at every moment. Rather than just doing a simple impression or trying to look as much like the real Elton, Taron really gets into the role and even performs all of Elton John’s songs himself, but never tries to fill on copy him and instead make his own version that is familiar just the right amount, and different enough to work well in the movie. And on top, how many of the songs such as “Tiny Dancer,” “Rocketman” and “Your Song” are used in the movie, make you see those songs from a different perspective. Jamie Bell as Elton’s songwriter Bernie Taupin adds a lot of heart to the movie, and both of them have such great chemistry from the first time they meet each other. Richard Madden as John Reid, Elton’s manager, plays the film’s villain, and despite being pretty one dimensional, still does a fantastic job in the role. Bruce Dallas Howard as Elton’s mother, is rather interesting. A cold hearted character, but in moments clearly showing concern for Elton, especially in the scene where he tries killing himself and is being taken away to the hospital, for a second you see her face, and it’s a look of clear shock making you wonder if she really cares about him. ROCKETMAN is an energetic, heartfelt and truly emotional look at a music artist’s life, which many musical biopics recently have been lacking, and is truly a love letter to Elton John and one of the most overlooked songwriters, Bernie Taupin. Grade: B+ #eltonjohn #taronegerton
BEFORE SUNSET (2004) movie review: (SPOILERS AHEAD!) In the sequel to BEFORE SUNRISE, we follow Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) nine years later in Paris, and spend the day with them in real time. SUNSET shows us what the relationship between the two lovers could or should be, and just like SUNRISE, it is captured beautifully. The conversations Jesse and Celine have throughout the film once again are engaging. Hawke, Delpy and director Richard Linklater clearly have a lot to say about marriage, love, how growth changes those things over time, and they present these things to us through the characters and never once does it feel forced or too on the nose. Their purpose is to clearly show how much Jesse and Celine have grown over nine years— now matured more, somewhat more sensitive since they’re in love. BEFORE SUNSET never lets its gorgeous location (Paris) distract us from the characters and their conversations, and in all honesty what better place to have this sweet little movie set it in other than the City of Love itself? This version of Paris oddly— but nice aesthetically, looks like it’s covered in dust, as if Jesse and Celine are just characters in this old book of love, the book being Paris. I, so mesmerized, watch this movie, and can’t help but smile as the two go to Celine’s house, Jesse almost late to his flight, and a seductive, singing and dancing Celine (impersonating Nina Simone) says, “Baby, you’re gonna miss that plane,” to which Jesse replies, “I know,” and breaks into laughter as the camera fades to black, and we don’t see them again for nine years. Grade: A+ @jurassic_domination @thebat_man4910 @tomdwatkins @the_real__mikey_g_ @thereviewguru101 @saracollver @mt_cinema @allthebestfilms @allaboutcinephilia @films_of_the_future #beforesunrise #beforesunset #beforemidnight #ethanhawke #moviereview #film #films #cinema #movie #movies #screenplay #actor #acting #screenplay #filmmaker #filmmaking #love #romance #drama #paris #oscars #instagood #instaflick #instamovie #moviequotes #quote #quotes
Show: GAME OF THRONES (2011-2019) Creators: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Cast: Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, Lena Headey, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner Cersei Lannister: When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground. @allaboutcinephilia @allthebestfilms @films_of_the_future @film.odyssey @movieballer_64 @movie__heroes @pendragonfilmreviews @jfrsn_film @gpk_movies @gpk_movies @film_geek @film_cun.t @diefilmfee @film_magic @thereviewguru101 @the_real__mikey_g_ @ethan_lecter @teenmoviegeek @bestavenger2001 @thebat_man4910 #gameofthrones #winteriscoming #winterishere #jonsnow #daenerystargaryen #tyrionlannister #sansastark #aryastark #show #filmmaking #beautifulshot #cinematography #filmmaker #history
MUNICH (2005) movie review: Somewhat based on a true story, MUNICH directed by the legendary Spielberg follows five men chosen by the Israeli government, to hunt down and kill a list of men involved with the 1972 Olympics attack, better known as Black September, where eleven Israeli Olympic team members were killed along with a West German police officer. One thing I absolutely love and respect about MUNICH, is its neutral view of the subject matter, giving us a fair amount of understanding of the conflicts between the Palestinians and the Jews, and how that years of conflict and hatred lead to the Black September attack. Also not until the film’s final minutes, are we told how much involved were the perpetrators with the attack. This gives us a dark and bleak view of everything we had seen before, and makes us questions wether if this whole operation of taking down the perpetrators was even worth anything. In the end after all, it doesn’t stop anything. It builds to more hatred and bloodshed, what the idea of eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth creates. Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Ciarán Hinds, Geoffrey Rush and everyone else all give great performances (though I was a little thrown off by Craig’s accent), but to me the real stars of the film are Spielberg and the story itself. The first half of the film moves at a fast, thrilling pace with our heroes killing one perpetrator after the other— I was surprised by the large scaled action, but at its later half starts to slow down and starts to discover what revenge can do to a man, and how vengeance, killing, deaths, change people’s lives forever. We may never know if Bana’s character Avner based on Yuval Aviv really did these heroic things as information about the operation has been kept secret and the government keeps denying his stories calling him a liar, but all I can say is, the men who carried out these attacks of revenge have my respect. Grade: A @ethan_lecter @the_real__mikey_g_ @thereviewguru101 @mpmoviereviews @nsmreview @jurassic_domination @thebat_man4910 @tclreviews @thatfinalscene @that9movies @thelistislife42 @allaboutcinephilia @allthebestfilms @films_of_the_future #stevenspielberg #spielberg
LINCOLN (2012) movie review: In this historical biopic directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, we follow a specific time during Abraham Lincoln’s life, particularly the passing of the 13th Amendment which is the abolishment of slavery. There are a lot of great things about this film, and what I’m going to praise first is the screenplay. Tony Kushner presents us a very dialogue driven story of the great President, which was a nice surprise. Nearly every scene, every conflict and argument is pushed forward by a lot of dialogue, and if you aren’t on board with it from the beginning and cannot keep up with the politics, then this film isn’t for you. I’ll admit I myself couldn’t always follow some of the dialogue, but still managed to be riveted by the performances that were speaking the dialogue, from Sally Field to Tommy Lee Jones and Sir Daniel Day-Lewis, of course, as the Mr. President. We already know Lewis is objectively speaking the greatest actor of all time, and he is fantastic as usual here. From his presence and command to the makeup on his face, Lewis completely DISAPPEARS in the role and plays a hero with vulnerability, conflicts to face, and an entire nation to run. On the negative side LINCOLN does suffer from a poorly executed ending, with Spielberg doing a dumb switcharoo, showing a stage performance at a theatre with a man coming in and yelling the President has died in the OTHER THEATRE, and then then the film cuts to him on the bed as he dies. Rather than choosing to end the film before Lincoln’s assassination or properly show it happening and developing it, Spielberg does neither. Overall LINCOLN is not a film for everyone, but if you can sit through 2 1/2 h of slow burn and lots of dialogues about politics, then you’re in for a delightful treat. Grade: A- @ethan_lecter @bestavenger2001 @mpmoviereviews @thereviewguru101 @the_real__mikey_g_ @thatbeeboy @that9movies @thatfinalscene @mt_cinema #spielberg #stevenspielberg #lincoln #abrahamlincoln #president #usa #war #civilwar #america #instaflick #instagood #film #films #cinema #movie #movies #screenplay #acting #bestactor #filmmaker
Movie: THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (2014) Director: Wes Anderson— Happy birthday, good man! Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolory, Saoirse Ronan, Willem Dafoe, Jude Law M. Gustave: Why do you want to be a lobby boy? Zero: Well, who wouldn't - at the Grand Budapest, sir. It's an institution. @mpmoviereviews @nsmreview @jurassic_domination @tclreviews @moviefestofficial @movieworld79._ @movieballer_64 @movie__heroes @mt_cinema @j.t._.125 @blogafternoon @bluej_cinema @blousnapple @drmthvs @thebat_man4910 @the_real__mikey_g_ @thereviewguru101 @reviews_by_dean @ethan_lecter @bestavenger2001 #wesandersonstyle #wesanderson #grandbudapesthotel #thegrandbudapesthotel #moonrisekingdom #isleofdogs #fantasticmrfox #happybirthday #movies #movie #film #films #cinema #aesthetic #love #tumblr #billmurray #saoirseronan
Show: MASTER OF NONE (2015-) Creators: Aziz Ansari, Alan Yang Cast: Aziz Ansari, Alessandra Mastronardi, Noël Wells Rachel: The time in our life to do crazy shit is winding down, and I don’t want to wake up one day and see that the window is already closed. @allaboutcinephilia @allthebestfilms @films_of_the_future @movieworld79._ @movieballer_64 @moviereviews.pdf @movie__heroes @moviefestofficial @thatbeeboy @bestavenger2001 @mt_cinema @thereviewguru101 @ethan_lecter @the_real__mikey_g_ #masterofnone #azizansari #indian #american #diversity #show #netflix #drama #comedy #romance #love #quote #quotes #inspirationalquotes
AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019) movie review: In the 22nd addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all of the heroes we have grown watching over the course of eleven years come together to defeat the mad titan known as Thanos. Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first. I’ve never been a huge fan of the comedy in the MCU, but it really dragged here and ruined the pacing of several scenes, and many of them were the same kind of talking back and forth jokes, and they got old instantly. But aside the really irritating jokes throughout the movie, this film was a complete blast. From the opening we are sucked to the dreadful, hopeless tone, and that carries throughout the film and even when we feel the slightest sense of hope, the film just drowns us in complete misery. But, that isn’t to say the film does not have a light tone. For a huge chunk of its second act, we are presented with lots of jokes, particularly ones related to Captain America, and some of those jokes stick, while as I said before some don’t. The performances in ENDGAME are better than EVER from ANY MCU film, especially from Chris Evans as our Captain and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man who’s been with us from day 1. The two completely SHATTER the screen with their performances, especially Downey Jr., who I find to be the best actor in the franchise. His presence, his expressions, how he portrays a man who has went from being a loveable asshole to now a very vulnerable inspiration is joyous to watch especially if you’ve BEEN a fan since Day 1 like me, hence the reason why this film means so much to me more than some can imagine. The visual effects in ENDGAME as many of us already know, are magnificent. Each frame showing movements of Thanos and his expressions are so well detailed, and the fight scenes especially the final battle are so clouded with CGI but the Russo Brothers pull it off and really immerse you there. Thanks for these 11 years, Marvel. Grade: A- @zorcvin @ethan_lecter @bestavenger2001 @allaboutcinephilia @allthebestfilms @films_of_the_future @thereviewguru101 @the_real__mikey_g_ @thatbeeboy @thebat_man4910 @jurassic_domination @tclreviews @movie__heroes @movieworld79._
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