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The new summer line is coming in hot! Drop date and items will be announced soon! 😎
Trying to make them shoulder strings pop! - Outfit details are tagged! 👊
Does the outfit make or break the workout?
What’s your pre-lift ritual? Do you dry scoop your pre workout, sit in your car blasting music? Or maybe you wear a certain shirt, or listen to a specific song to get you pumped up?! Let us know 👇
🚨 Expo update 🚨 - Clifford Lenox will be at the Anaheim FitExpo June 1-2. Booth number and times will be announced soon! 👀
When it comes to leg day we can always use more knowledge to grow big wheels! What’s your best tip for hamstring growth!? 👊
What’s up UK!! - The Clifford Lenox crew will be at the @bodypowerexpo from 2-close today! Booth 33 👊🏼
Do you carry a duffel bag or a backpack to the gym? - Tomorrow is Day 1 at the BodyPower expo! Come visit us at booth 33 from 2-6pm! 👊
If you had to choose between arm day and leg day, which is a more satisfying workout? 🤷🏼‍♂️ - Only 3 days out from the BodyPower expo! Come visit us at booth 33 from 2-6pm all three days! 👊
What's your favorite Clifford item you own to date?
We have a boatload of new summer colors in shorts and tanks on the way! What items are you hoping to see for summer?! ☀️
Suns out so you know what that means!? Summer colors coming soon!! 😎
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