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Story time 😈 22 years ago Mum @krisstanley took me to see the first Men in Black, my mind was blown and it left me wanting to become an agent. So I went home and spray painted and old red tie we had laying around black. Turns out ties become rock hard if you do that 😂 Fast forward to 2019 and I’m taking Mum to the premiere of #mibinternational 👽 A massive thank you to @sonypicturesaus & @playmakerdigital for helping me return the favour ❤️ Have an amazing week, Geeks & Geekettes 😇 . 📸 by the wonderful @missdanicosplay
We are the first, last, and only line of defense. We work in secret, we exist in shadow. And we dress in black ⚫️ Off to the #mibinternational premiere here in Sydney this evening 👽 a massive thank you to @sonypicturesaus and @playmakerdigital for the invite ❤️
Now for something I’m very proud of 😎 Two years ago I sculpted a 1:1 scale Hans Moleman bust in the lead up to a Prop party hosted by the amazing @frankippolito 🤘🏻 the copy I made now resides at the house of my dear friend @jenniferlynnwarren But I wanted to have another crack, this time doing a hyper realistic version of Mr. Moleman. I formulated a tinting method with Bqueen resin from @barnesproducts and flesh tint to eliminate half of the detail work right out of the mould 🎨 I also learned a lot from the amazing crew at @odd_studio in terms of detailing skin tone 😃 The eyes are 100% handmade using ping pong balls. Each strand of head/ ear hair was hand glued 🤪 the rest of the highlights were applied by hand, no airbrushing! I even painted his nose like that of an alcoholic ( like he says in the show). This copy is for sale on my Etsy store and comes signed by yours truely 😎 link in bio 😈 Have an amazing week, Geeks & Geekettes 😇
Thursday afternoon flight training 🦅 We both have the same sized beaks 👃🏻
Buzz like you’ve never seen him before 🤣 video will be up next week 🚀 #customcollectable @disneyaunz #toystory4
The end is nigh 😈 Amazon Prime Videos new series Good Omens is now streaming! It’s an awesome take on the apocalypse and the battle between heaven and hell! Like I mentioned in my story about me eating all the junk foods before the world ends? Well, I’m getting some practice in.... just in case 😜 Go check out Good Omens and let me know down below you apocalypse bucket list activities 👼🏻😈 #theendisnigh #brandambassador #sponsoredpost #goodomens @goodomensprime
And now, fresh from the catwalks of Milan, the latest in winter fashion 🦇❄️
Buzz Lightyear is finally joining the #customcollectables club, Geeks & Geekettes 🎨 Comment down below what you’d like to see in terms of customising the Spaceman 🚀 @disneyaunz @toystory
Such an amazing night and film 🧞‍♂️thank you again to the fantastic crew at @disneyaunz for the invite to @disneyaladdin here in Sydney 😇 . 📸 @nath_atkins @theaureview
Open sesame, here we go ✨ Off to the @disneyaladdin premiere tonight in Sydney 😎 a massive thank you to @disneyaunz for the invite 😇
Hang on to something.... In anticipation of the upcoming “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, you can get yourself all caught up with the X-men 9 Movie Collection now on iTunes 🤘🏻 Relive the original trilogy as well as seeing the crew in their younger years right up to the tear jerker that is Logan 😎 I’ll leave the link in my bio for the 9 movie collection as well as each individual film 💪🏻 So my question to you guys, who’s your favourite member of the X-men? It’s pretty obvious who mine is 😈 . @20thcenturyfoxhe #brandambassador #sponsoredpost #wolverine #marvel
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