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I love the Eminem Show Steve Berman skit so much because when you first hear it you expect him to shit on the album, but he doesn’t and Em shoots him mistakenly 😂 Also, idk I’d PSA count as skits, but they are my favourite way to start a album that holds controversy.
What other albums deserve inclusion on this list??? 🤔
Not gonna do any major posts or nothing unless something happens today Cos I got an exam. Apologies folks
Aight this is what I got with 9 shuffles. Rate it outta 10. Credit: @lemmegetahitofyourjuul I have a playlist of around 300-400 tracks right now but ima keep building it before I share it with y’all.
This is just my preference to things, but these 5 artists are in my top 5. Other than the factors I’ve posted, I rank rappers in like 10 other ways so these don’t define my top 5. Even if sometimes I feel like putting in Kendrick, Big, DMX etc in 5th place for Nas for Andre.
Is this Russ list a W or L?
Little did he know he was creating one of musics most iconic tracks... LEGENDARY 😤
Good luck for those who’ve got exams this coming week 💯
Updated this morning to within 100,000 streams of hitting it, so by now it would have definitely surpassed 300 million even thought there won’t be confirmation until tommorow. Stay Streaming
A lot of people, especially those who believe themselves to be cultured in Hip-Hop normally label Eminem’s fan base as ‘narrow-minded’ etc. While I do believe that to be true in a sense, most of his fans outside of America live in countries and cultures where the primary form of music is from the native cultures from where they reside. So ‘Hip-Hop’ isn’t exactly their forte nor their countries main consumption of music. Artists like Eminem represent the face of rap because of their success on a mainstream level, so those artists are the ones that only ever reach radio, TV etc in these countries. Countries where HipHop isn’t as big aren’t going to advertise artists like ASAP, Joey, Tyler, Big Krit etc because it’s just not economically viable so naturally people in countries that are different culturally to America are only ever exposed to the global rap artists. It’s annoying because it restricts them from a whole other universe and generation of rap but it’s not their fault. And to antagonise Eminem’s fan base because of this is just unfair and inconsiderate in my opinion. There are loads of other reasons why the fan base gets stick, but this is one of the main ones and it’s harsh imo.
Okay I’m up 👀 I hope ‘em’ means Eminem and not just ‘others’ or his friend Emory Jones.
Interesting to see how 20 odd years have passed, so much has happened, but there are similarities to how he feels.
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