Daniel Flores

Way too blessed to be normal.
I’m the Hokage 🍃 #throwback
Two years ago today when I bought the Nismo with 26,000 miles ! Also My old De in the back lol 😆
It’s just a little V6 chillllllllll 💀
“Get offended when you see me riding In the streets bc your girl looking“ #yaaahturnherrightintomyhoe #uzivert #icantcruisee
I play apex in my car 😴 #0981Nismo #apexchampionhoe
“Coupe 150, call it kyro“ uzi vert #nofilter #brembo #nismo #imworkingondying
Here’s a video of a dog I like lmao 🥰
“It's getting tricky in my city, truth is that you niggas ain't fuckin with me I see these niggas staring when a nigga pop out but they don't say nothing to me” TJP 🤟🏽
I snipe in every shooting game there is lol 🔙🔛🔝#clutch
I need Balenciaga wheels.
If only I took a different route, where would I be? 🌪 #myshortsarenotbackwardslol
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