Sadiki Phillip

This one! @tiye.jones
Warmth on a cold night
Sunday funday
This is what 29 looks like??! 📽by @_k3n19_
Had a incredible time celebrating Tiyes birthday in Memphis. Going on 10 years with the one and only Tiye "Jenkins" Jones. Couldn't ask for a better best friend and part time momma bear. To many more years full of laughter, love, and happiness my queen!
I've seen stranger things.
We may live in the same city but we rarely get to see each other and when we do, it's always magical! #phillyinnola #cpbk #lovethesesgirls #happyvday
#fbf to second lining for my birthday and home girl had literally no fucks to give, she had to beat that face somewhere! #blackgirlmagic #onlyinnola
I roll with the baddest bitches. Philly I love you forever.
27 started out great! Thanks for all of the love and for everyone who made the day special!!
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