chaeyeon luvr

i could lie but this is 120% a multifandom account captain of the dosong train ♡

the fact that these are smoother than my edits make me cry
since the spoiler ban is lifted, here u go
although he doesn’t have much, he’s giving her his all and i think that’s truly beautiful. for soph n sami ♡ cc starsial | ac drizzyaudios | #kokkakugrp
just a love story about how two dorks learned to love. for soph n anyone else who wants one ♡ cc starsial | #kokkakugrp
want dosong scenes? — mbf me (: repost this post on your story and shout out @diorcuhl.ga — that’s it !! 🥵🥰 comment ‘done’ when ur done
he likes that she makes his world chaotic and she likes that he is her love story. for sophie ♡ cc starsial | ac drizzyaudios | #kokkakugrp
#kokkakugrp #omgpage ac phosiefvmero dt whoever ships them + she was the reason he wanted to date and he was the reason for her heart eyes
#kokkakugrp #omgpage ac wolfhardaudios dt ashley n ashley only + he deserves better than this trash edit but yk
#kokkakugrp #omgpage dt ellie, tanya, lily, talia, & sofia searched up ‘daddy’ and they appeared 👅💦 ac plotwistaudios oc hades.aep
#kokkakugrp #omgpage dt ellie, lucy, laura, and em not a pt (; ac brilliancies oc hades.aep
#kokkakugrp #omgpage dt ellie, lucy, and em my underrated otp ac drizzyaudios
#kokkakugrp #omgskam dt noah, laura, ellie, sami, amber, mia, & tanya christoffer can fucking GET IT, if you know what i mean ac riitzsu
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