Kirsty Fleming

🥉Universe Ms Figure 🌎 🏆NAC Overall Ladies 🇬🇧Champion 🥇NAC Ms Figure 🇬🇧 Champion 💕Mum of 3 📕Personal Training 🌈Don’t dream your life, live your dreams!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” - - Your mind is more powerful than the circumstances, challenges and situations you face. Believe in yourself. Don’t give up, push harder when you’re uncomfortable, that’s when change happens. - - #humpday #femalemuscle #mumof3 #inspiration #teampositive - - @positivehealthandnutrition
To me being successful isn’t having lots of material possessions...it’s having a few very special people by your side 💕you can not buy that 😊 - - #teampositive #family #friends #love #figurecompetitor #stockport - -
A Pessimist Sees The Difficulty In Every Opportunity; An Optimist Sees The Opportunity In Every Difficulty." – Winston Church - - Working every day to get great things out of every opportunity! - - Are you maximising your potential and grabbing opportunities when they come your way? - - #teampositive #keepevolving #pressupseverywhere - - @positivehealthandnutrition 💪
“And a most muscular” - - Not normally a pose for the figure competitors but I do love to throw one in! - - Hard work pays off and when I step on stage it’s so worth it! - - @positivehealthandnutrition use code EVO10 for a discount at checkout.
It’s #flexiblefriday so here’s a picture of me being flexible and graceful 😂in my routine for the #IBFA British Finals. @marticus1947 hosted a great show with an amazing standard of athletes in all classes. - - Proud to be part of #teampositive @positivehealthandnutrition - - Contact me or the team @positivehealthandnutrition for all your diet, training and health advice. 💪🔥🏆
One has to be positive. When you are positive good things happen. - - @positivehealthandnutrition 🔥
On our way @barbarianclassic - - Proud to represent #teampositive @positivehealthandnutrition
Who would believe my earrings are heavier than the chains?? - - @positivehealthandnutrition @evolve_training - - #keepevolving #delts #quads #abs
Happy hump day...And happy hamstrings. Can not wait to be in this condition again. Still my favourite shape! - - @positivehealthandnutrition - - #keepevolving #hamstrings #glutes #onlylookbacktoseehowfaryouvecome #andtoseetheshreds #positivehealthandnutrition
These kind of emails make my day 😊!! - - #happy #keepevolving #thereisnostoppingus #positivehealthandnutrition - - Contact me for plans!! - - @evolve_training @positivehealthandnutrition
Lyme Park was such good fun and absolutely beautiful today! - - It was cold but there was sledging to do and jogging back up those hills warmed us up! - - Never without some protein for sustaining and repairing my hard worked muscles! - - Thank you @positivehealthandnutrition for the Booster Whey Protein which tastes AMAZING!! and has MCT oil which can assist in fat burning, promote a healthy digestive system, reduces lactate build up and ohhh the list is long... let’s just say it has so many benefits 👍!! - - @positivehealthandnutrition @nt_lymepark - #snow #sledging #naturephotography #lymepark #cheshirept
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