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Latino Gang and Family
I think I’m Too Loyal
Letsssss Ggggggoooooo @djkhaled
Wooooowwwwwww @sza @djkhaled
Father Of Asahd out now
Beast Mode 3 out at 12 midnight @realsheeklouch New York Shit
12 midnight let’s goooooooo @djkhaled Father Of Asahd
The Young OGs doing it for the Culture @jimjonescapo @upnyc
My Favorite Album Of The year and I’m not even on it @djkhaled my brother this is your best work Ever Congrats bro you deserve it
May 17 The Best Album Of The Year FATHER OF ASAHD
First Take this am Never the walk of Shame just a little frustration LETS GO KNICKS
Much love my brother @jay_majors he does soooooo much for the barbers God bless the Barbers Worldwide
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