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Stop raising him, HE'S NOT YOUR SON (Shoot and interview for @tmrwmag latest print issue, swipe to read) #DumpHim
Dancing on the beach to Fleetwood Mac for my first big campaign 💃✨ Look out for a dramatic blonde woman on billboards around Europe this summer !! Shot for @zalando "Dress for yourself, no one else" campaign // #ZalandoStyle #StandByYourStyle #AD
UGH this post-breakup glow is lasting forever
"I never realised how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who isn't even sorry" - for the sake of moving on and healing, I am choosing to forgive them anyway. Do you know how hard that shit is?! They're carrying on living their best life unscathed and un-traumatised, but I have to forgive them. Not for them, but for me. Don't wait for an apology, don't hold onto the hope that they will 'realise what they have done' and contact you - BLOCK THEM, move on and let it go. If you're feeling lonely or bored, DO NOT TEXT THEM and stop checking up on their socials. They hurt you. They don't deserve to know you. They don't deserve access to you. It serves no purpose to hold onto anger, grudges, or hoping that they will apologise - close the door. Don't give them the power of disrupting your healing process. I'm rooting for you, you've GOT THIS #MyBodyIsMine
Coming soon 😏🎬🎥✨
Just a couple of queers looking and feeling fucking FANTASTIC at @viktorandrolf fragrance launch 🍸✨
I spent today analysing my relationships with people to see whether they're using me for personal gain. Being selfish with your time and energy is NECESSARY if you want to be happy. Imagine the sheer power you would radiate if you focused on nourishing yourself and your own craft instead of fixing everyone else around you, people who can't be bothered to fix themselves and constantly drain you of your resources. • You have to be the fiercest protector of your energy and your space. It's all that you have. You don't have time in this life to worry about what other people might think of you for setting boundaries and cutting people out. Just do it. YES you will be called intimidating, and told that your standards are 'too high' - and often in times of boredom be tempted to lower them (ie. re-downloading Tinder after you decided to delete it or hitting up your ex/shit mates) - but just know that if this means you're compromising your standards, you're going to regret it every single time. You have standards and boundaries for a reason. You deserve better and you know it - so demand it #DumpThem
(Swipe for video --->) So @asos paid a visit to me in my studio on Valentine's Day !! 🌹✨ We discussed everything to do with my life in London and the journey I've been on since I moved here just over a year ago - I got to work with the most amazing team on this, 11 people all crammed in my tiny studio! 😭 Swipe to watch a lil clip of me stomping around Brick Lane in a suit, discussing my love for London and WOMEN 🎬✨ // #AD // @converse
I've never worked harder in my life than I have over the past month and I can't wait for all the projects I've been working on to come to fruition! Thank you so much to everyone supporting me by purchasing my art. It's so important for me to have tangible products to sell as an artist because generally speaking, people see 'content creators' on the internet as a free resource that they are entitled to, and without selling tees and prints I wouldn't be able to do the work I do! I LOVE YOUUU 🌹♥️✨⚡
I love being a single, queer and carefree POWERHOUSE of a woman with no responsibility of raising a man child or trying to meet someone else's standards 😍 #DumpHim Hair & makeup by @ruubyapp Top & bag gifted from @riverisland
T-shirts and totes available to purchase on my store at www.florencegiven.com (link in bio)✨ #LoveSexHateSexism
How I look at men when they assume the girl I'm on a date with is my friend and he starts chatting her up
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