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TOMORROW’S RBP BRINGS YOU SERGIO OLIVA JR! 🦍 We had some fun, we talked some shit, we tried to solve the bodybuilding worlds problems all in an hour lol. Tmrw it will be up on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and ITunes! Thank you for all the support thru DM, story shares, YouTube comments etc! #hosstile #RBP #Sergio #realshit #podcast #sacrificewithoutregret
You guys ask the questions and I try and knock them down! Go to my YouTube channel (LINK IN BIO) and check out HOSSTILE Q&A #4 ! Also while you’re there, subscribe and share if you’re liking the vids so I know to keep making them! Thank you to everyone for the DM’s and awesome comments on the page, I appreciate the support always! #hosstile #realshit #dyingbreed #work #aggression #banginiron #sacrificewithoutregret #hosstilebrandwear
2010 Dallas Europa. Fish, rice, avocado. I remember that was the majority of my diet. That and lots of cardio! I ate a lot but did a lot of work to go with it and the fat just came off nice and slow until we nailed it. This was @hanyrambod handy work. It was our first year together, 2011 we really nailed things 💯 #hosstile #realshit #dyingbreed #work #sacrificewithoutregret #hosstilebrandwear
People tell me to “keep my head up”, “be patient” and so much more to try to help. I sincerely appreciate the support but to be honest with you, I see this as a game. These set backs have become little challenges for me. The game in my mind is; Can you get back to where you were? It’s a constant theme in my mind and I choose to AGGRESSIVELY go after this challenge like all that have come before it. I may never be Mr.Olympia, I may not be born with amazing genetics but I got more balls and more heart than just to give in to any obstacle, big or small. Life isn’t easy. Nothing good is easy. We ALL have our own challenges no matter how big or small. I find the only way to feel good about yourself is to go after these obstacles like they were put there on purpose just to see if you have what it takes. A smart man once told me the three keys: Be passionate. Be aggressive. Be relentless. I have lots of work to do this time around but I will not stop trying to overcome. #hosstile #realshit #dyingbreed #work #sacrificewithoutregret
Watch the 20,000 calorie challenge unfold on @muscleandstrength YouTube page. It’s a shit show and my finest work 😬 Special thanks to @dreschervisuals for the incredible edit. Just awesome work as always. LINK IN BIO! #hosstile #hoss #fatkid #muscleandstrength #kagedmuscle
Some floor presses to keep my tricep safe and still get some work in. God damn look how small my arm is!!! I gotta get some implants or something wtf! #hosstile #comeback #sacrificewithoutregret #work #realshit #dyingbreed #banginiron #hosstilebrandwear
Ok I think we found a name, Bodybuilding & Bollocks Ep.2 is up on my YouTube channel (link in bio). I don’t know if there is any useful information in that hour of nonsense but we had fun so that’s all that matters lol. #b &b #grow #elicithypertrophy #hosstile
5-6000 calories a day and holding it together pretty good. Filling back out slowly. #hosstile #realshit #dyingbreed #banginiron #work #hosstilebrandwear
When all the suffering is done and your final preparations are at hand.. 🦍 Pre show preparations used to be a mind fuck for me when I was coming up. This photo was taken a few years ago and I had finally learned that all the work was done and I just had to enjoy the ride.. 💡 People ask me what advice I would give young guys coming up. The answer is this: Work fuckin hard! Being consistent! Don’t pay attention to negativity (even your own) and believe in yourself! Finally, enjoy EVERY moment because you worked your ass off for those memories. #hosstile #realshit #dyingbreed #work #sacrificewithoutregret #hosstilebrandwear #kagedmuscle
@paullauzon1 and I crushed legs today. It was absolute murder, so instead of a photo from the almost barf riddled workout, here’s a photo of us at our best 😬 🦍side note: is it me or are Paul’s arms long af 😳 #hoss #paulywalnuts #realog #sacrificewithoutregret #hosstile
Yesterday was the first time I’ve done any direct tricep work on my recovering arm. I only used 10lbs (which felt heavy 😏) but I got a nice pump and no pain. The one thing I can’t figure out is, I tore my tricep and after surgery all of a sudden it’s way more shredded lol. How did that happen? I’m not complaining, just can’t figure that one out 🤷🏽‍♂️ #hosstile #comeback #sacrificewithoutregret #realshit #dyingbreed #work #banginiron #hosstilebrandwear
One of those days where I just felt like being covered up. I couldn’t hear anything, see anything, I was just straight focused. 💡 Paul says to me last week, “I’m sick of my music I need new music to train to”. I told him I don’t hear the music when I’m training and when I do it means I need a rest from the gym. Obviously that’s not literal, I hear it but it’s like background noise, I’m not focused on it. I know that if I’m focused on the music and I need the music to get me pumped up I probably need a rest. Anyone else feel like this or am I a weirdo lol #hosstile #sacrificewithoutregret #realshit #work #dyingbreed #hosstilebrandwear
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