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100% skater owned, 24 years deep. If you don't buy off us buy from another skater owned store. Thanks for the support.

Sorry guys but last minute hospital appointment has meant we are not open today. Back to “normal” soon.
You up yet? Lets go! Lets go! @cardiffskateboardclub jam today at the plaza
I don’t feel like I’ve given the @superdeformedbrand X #FSTLarmy colabo tee enough love. Born of friendship solidified in time. A real celebration of punk rock and skateboarding forming inseparable bonds. On line now. Sleeves optional ##skatepunk #realknowsreal dont let summer go.
Well I have been eyeing this one up for quite some time, didn’t need it but I wanted it. My new daily for sure. @blindskate @dwindleuk We have 2 left in stock!!!
@tiredskateboards we await our package 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ @spitandsawdustskatepark
@royaltrucks top ups. Nice to see a bit of colour in the truck stop. #ridelikeroyalty
Adding bits and bobs to the site. Most stuff is free postage now. Always more stuff in store than on line as I am but one man.
Just put a few back issues of @confusionmagazine on the webshite. Link in biomass
Loves a fancy packageing i doos. @boneswheels #nintendo #mariobrothers
Had to share this banger from one of our up and commers. #Repost @mitchgoughh ・・・ Flipping heck 📹 @jamesadavies_ #finnscafé
To everyone who has been so kind and patient to wait on the pre order, I guess you cant rush perfection and it will be worth the wait. So we are looking at the end of the month sorry, thank you for your patience.
@tattoosbyharry_ your ring entrance was epic bro 😂 🎥 @zooprano_68 #lucha #mondoloco #luchalibre
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