📺Youtube: Ghost.ofwinterfell ☁️ Just a tiny cloud fart 🍼 07.19.2018 🐶 Vanderbilt Samoyed

Doin a majestic pose for mom and then a majestic escape straight to the storm pond 😏 win win right?
When yous is only 1 year old and need to get snuck in to da clubs...
Back when i was we smol boi and mah teef wer sharp af
“When there is mud there is a way” is how the saying should go
🔊 did i say you can stop mister? Lazy human 🙄
So excited my woof pack came in the mail today!! You gotta check them out . Always have the best treatos and toys! Use promo code GHOST20 for 20% off your first box!
Got to kiss this cute little baby @fashionevaaa . Send her dad @sonny.g a dm and ask him to beatbox for you. His skills are amazing 🤣🤣 #evaanddaddy #boomchikaboom
These balls suck. Pop as soon as i touch them!!
Happ boi’s first time in mudd! Where have you been all my life?!
Can i get a boop boop 🎵♥️ #friyay
Hey guys i just made an account on tik tok! Go follow me there and show some love!
Look lady... When i suggested #tacotuesday i meant the real thing 😒
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