• Vegas 📍 • Editorial DP / Camera OP ~ for @thelookallstars • Follow my own build ~ @hanjpn

“El Mambo” @mambo_rcf • • I’ve been trying a different editing style as of late. Currently still used to vibey music, and slow motion shots, so this was a stretch for me lol. 😓
Congratulations to Lex & Ferny! Thank you so much for the opportunity and may you guys live happily ever after. . . PS. Uncle Han is making sure Owen gets a Subaru. @q50s_lex @ferny_01
I definitely saw this better in my head lol. 😓
More HKS? Oh my 😂
June 25 2019 As of late I’ve been really feeling the highs of this slump I’ve been going through as a filmmaker. I’ve come to dislike content with the just shots and the regular trap music playing. As I’ve come to get better throughout the years I reached the conclusion that anything I make has to invoke emotion, otherwise there’s no point. My slump is primarily the reason of the lack of content. Everything I’ve created lately has felt terrible to me, it’s like having an idea in your head and being unable to put it down on paper therefore the end result of it is just a blank canvas. I made this little short film to kind of show what I mean. This was the first time in a long time I felt creative and excited while editing. (Everything was shot on a tripod)
Damn @hanjpn your car is sick bro!!!!!
This is the product of filming drunk. FRS: @heyhentai STi: @hanjpn PS. I gave up halfway and @p.kittichai shot the rest 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I call dibs on filming @q50s_lex car first. 😂😂😂
Went back and re edited some stuff from CC AZ. Getting the hang of After Effects. 🤣🤣 • • @_mrramos
Getting back in the groove of more dynamic content. Hope you guys like it! Owner: @ramirezlalo58
My favorite and longest video I’ve made so far drops today at 12:30pm on my YouTube (Han JPN). Huge thank you to the CC fam for having me. @_wolf_life @lv_lexus_is @_mrramos @hrdprkd_is @chrislcas @blendz34
I thought I’d bring the meat out out, now just wait for me to drop the sauce. Teaser vid for @mambo_2 , believe me when I say, this one is going to wild.
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