Hiking With Cats

Meow. Tag us in your adventures! #hikingwithcats

Whiskers on kittens and warm woolen mittens. 📷 @travelinghaiku #hikingwithcats
Will you be my valentine? 😻 Happy Valentine’s Day to all the hiking cats out there. 📷 @adventurrio #hikingwithcats #valentinesday
When Mother Nature forces you to find your inner snow leopard 🥶❄️ 📷 @apollocatventures #hikingwithcats
Where the wild things are. 📷 @henrythecoloradodog #hikingwithcats
Golden whisker hour. 📷 @lunaadventurecat #hikingwithcats
Waving goodbye to 2018. 📷 @kazuki_the_bengal #hikingwithcats
Just so we’re clear, I am a majestic moose, not one of Santa’s reindeer. 📷 @jack_hikes_ #hikingwithcats
On the lookout for Santa Paws 📷 @cali.theadventurecat #hikingwithcats
Tuna of @tuna.n.talula passed away this week but lived a more adventurous life than most cats can even dream of. We send our condolences for their loss 😿 📷 @tuna.n.talula #hikingwithcats
On a quest for world domination. 📷 @driesvanbedaf #hikingwithcats
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