H&M Kids

Charming looks and fun inspo for tiny fashion lovers and their parents #HMKids Please share your thoughts, but keep a friendly tone.

Simple and stylish! Our new knitted cotton jumpers are a comfy choice for any day. #HMKids Knitted cotton jumper: 0744036010
We've got full new outfits for little tots on the go! #HMKids Jeans with braces: 0746298002 Pile hooded jacket: 0818337005 Striped top: 0713385001
Dots, dinos, bunnies and stripes — we ❤ our new babywear! #HMKids Leggings with appliqués: 0749488003
We have A LOT of catching up to do after summer! Shop playful and preppy pieces for a fun-filled season. #HMKids T-shirt with a motif: 0744114005 Cotton shirt: 0766258001 Skirt: 0769592001 Knitted jumper: 0750205002 Skirt: 0771022001
Our friendship, our rules! #HMKids Sweatshirt: 0785140002 Trainers: 0798468002
Teamwork makes the dreamwork! #HMKids Printed hooded top: 0753218002 Twill trousers: 0622981020 Canvas trainers: 0775712001 Printed hooded top: 0791144001 Striped T-shirt: 0724301005 Leggings in sturdy jersey: 0657165016 Printed sweatshirt: 0757379001 Treggings: 0795820006 Hooded top with a motif: 0785141002 Joggers: 0539357020 Skirt: 0771283001
Back to school, forward to fun! 🌈 #HMKids Sweatshirt: 0749099006 Denim leggings: 0739802002 Soft shoulder bag: 0791014001 Printed sweatshirt: 0797413001 Dungaree dress: 0760068002 3-pack socks: 0806027001
Because rock'n'roll is for the whole family! ⚡️🎶 #HMKids Warm-lined wellingtons: 0760087002 Platform boots: 0752857003 Mini-me tee: 0842266001 T-shirt: 0762470052
What's around the corner for the new school year? 🤔 #HMKids Printed hooded top: 0791144001 Striped T-shirt: 0724301005 Leggings: 0657165016 Trainers: 0747723003 Glittery backpack: 0740305001
Aww, don't worry Ice Crime: a scoop of sunshine and a sprinkle of smiles will melt your worries away! Shop #TocaLife x HMKids today.🍦☀️ Sweatshirt: 0785140002 Soft backpack: 0791979001 Skinny Fit Jeans: 0558512027 Trainers with lights: 0813230001 Printed sweatshirt: 0797413001 Skirt: 0771283001 3-pack socks: 0806027001 Trainers: 0744452001
Say cheeeeese! 📸 Zeke's living his best (Toca) Life! Which #TocaLife character does your child love the most? #HMKids @tocaboca Sports jacket: 0802961001 Jersey top: 0566320017 Joggers: 0785138001 Trainers: 0747719003
When the kids are so excited for school they start packing weeks in advance... 🎒#HMKids Glittery backpack: 0740305001 3-pack socks: 0806027001 Trainers with lights: 0813230001 Joggers: 0785138001 Sweatshirt with a motif: 0749099006 Soft shoulder bag: 079101400
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