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U go on kid , explore this life, explore yourself , be an explorer, an adventurer, don’t follow the crowd, follow your bliss. Create your own abundance, don’t compare yourself to others, but strive to keep waking up with abounding enthusiasm every morning! Cause that’s the goal. And for that work harder than any other man on this god given planet!! . . Happy birthday Hridaan. . #createyourlife #explorersforever #imaginationiseverything #bff #fatherandson #onelife . Ps: hard work and having fun. Both take as much effort, courage and imagination ❤️. .
September 2018. . . No treadmill ? Broken ankle ? Cant do cardio ? Can’t fly ? . . Bullshit. . . When your focus is on results and not on excuses , you will always find a way. . . Here’s my no treadmill, no excuses, broken ankle cardio. 10 sets of 100 reps. . . आवश्यकता से ही आविष्कार का जनम होता है। . (you can’t fly but you can try😉) . #thereisalwaysaway #makeitfun #onelife #adventurer #beanexplorer #createyourself #keepgoing
1st september 2018. . Behind the scenes. . Rehabilitating and re conditioning my body has taken almost 10 months now. And I’m still in the process. . Torn right ankle ligaments and a sprained left plus a thorasic slip disc. As if one wasn’t enough. . My coordination was incredibly messed up. I’d say jump and my body wouldn’t listen. Couldn’t load the feet or my spine. Needless to say i was losing muscle mass and gaining unwanted weight by the day. Couldn’t do any cardio or weights. Only thing I could control so as to not fall off the grid completely was my diet. Not eating the stuff I liked frustrated me further. . I’v been sharing a few clips here from that journey. ZmR’s with light weights, band work plus whole lot of other techniques I discovered. The most important being writing down each day’s progress. I’d aim to do 1 more than yesterday. . I hope it helps those who are currently in pain or injured. My rehab and conditioning has been frustratingly slow, after 3 months of a lot of effort and very little results, i was plagued with self doubt and a part of me wanted to quit. . But there is magic in consistency. . Trust it. And keep going. . All the best! . @swapneelhazare @kuldeepshashi #keepgoing #bethebestversionofyourself #nevergiveup #keepdiscovering #keepcreating #onelife
Pleasantly shocked to find this. . .How I wish I could go back in time and show the 11 year old me this image. . Is this a little thing or really as big as it feels inside me? Perhaps the biggest recognition i’v ever received. . Thank you for this . . #search #sacrifice #perseverance #abstinence #forthegreatergood #nevergiveup #uncertaintyisgrowth #keepcreatingyourself #keepexploring
You’ll never get there . That place u wanna reach so bad. U won’t ever get there. But don’t stop trying u fool. That’s the fun. . . And I guess the rule has changed from “faaa” to “fudge”. . . ZMR. 30lbs. 2.10min. 6 reps #ZMR #patience #Resilience #NoPainNoGain #Hrx #onemorerep #createyourself #bethebestversionofyourself #therearenoshortcuts #doitforyou #workonyourself #pushboundries #keepgoing
Transformation journey Day 2. . Owing to too many injuries over the years I’ve adopted ZMR’s ( zero momentum reps). It helped my rehab along with gaining strength so much so that it’s now become a part of the HRX workout module at 1 rep could equal 1 minute. .n yeah that’s 10 pounds. (Gotto start somewhere right ?). . . And at the end your supposed to say faaaaaa....aaaa! ( a rule is a rule what can i say) . . PS: this used to be so much easier 20 years ago) . #NoPainNoGain #Hrx #onemorerep #createyourself #bethebestversionofyourself #therearenoshortcuts #doitforyou #workonyourself #pushboundries #keepgoing
If you want the best seat in the house, you’ll have to move the dog. #thezanechronicles #heknowshecomesfirst
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