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now playing Trivia 承 : Love by BTS cc_byeoleo twitch_ecrovse - @milliebobbybrown #mbbedits
which look was your favorite? i’m posting at such a weird time sorry xx cc and twitch_ecrovse rotshake_reign.aep
collab part 🦙🦙 @noahschnapp go live u loser
hunnid bands td reign.aep cc/twitch ecrovse
ty ❤️
CLOSED hi welcome been a while since i’ve hosted a collab and i’m gonna pester y’all until it’s done when i pick >:) rules: anyways mbf me! pick which part you want and whatever celeb you wanna do (make sure to pick a backup part and celeb) post on your story and tag 3 editors part 1 : @sy.mpathy , emma chamberlain part 2 : @afnanhehe , sophia lillis part 3 : me , millie bobby brown part 4 : @swirlziegs , kenzie ziegler part 5 : @wolfhardsun , finn wolfhard part 6 : @filmsbyraine , marla catherine part 7 : @a.uoras , sadie sink part 8 : @reign.aep , aidan gallagher i’ll be picking off of style! not editing program my audio and cc reign love u #omgpage #collab
like ecstasy @milliebobbybrown for shay ily yas! @shaylovesnillie sc reign n me cc ecrovse #cloudygrp #mbbcult #glossgrp
this is gonna flop but @lalalalisa_m MARRY ME for tagged + more i’m lazy oops also this took a whole ass day like UH #cloudygrp #mbbcult #glossgrp #st4rcult
omg hi it’s my birthday?! (and filipas happy birthday bubbbbbb ❤️!) also my 1 year of ae editing woah i love y’all tysm for love each and everyday 🥺 2 shakes reign.aep #cloudygrp #glossgrp #omgpage
ilysmtambb i love you more than anything millie bobby brown ❤️ dt, gloss cc lorhugs #cloudygrp #glossgrp #mbbedits
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