J A C L Y N 😜


I love this baby human so much!!!💕
Happy Friday guys!! I am currently getting ready for my trip to Chicago tomorrow while editing my newest video! But I came across these photos from a random Friday night & felt warm and fuzzy inside cause I look so happy! Don’t you love that?!? Blessings!!! Have the best weekend, I’ll see you tomorrow 💋💕
While I was away from socials, I celebrated my 29th Birthday!🎉I decided to celebrate by including all of my closest friends/family who are also cancers & celebrate all of us together! So I turned my house into a crab castle 😂 (since we are the crab in the zodiac) 6 of us celebrated together & invited our closest friends. It was amazing! We ate so much crab I thought I was going to pop😂 but so worth it! I wanted to share these photos with you guys so you can be part of the celebration! Happiest birthday to the 5 cancers in my life! I love you soooo much!!!❤️🦀♋️
I have gained 20 pounds in the last 7 weeks. Im being transparent with you guys, because I have been getting lots of comments about my weight. I have never been this insecure about my physical appearance in my life. Sweatpants are literally the only thing that fits me right now & ive had to go up 2 sizes in my jeans. But this guy @farnumgrindtime still tells me how beautiful I am every single day & still picks me up and makes me feel like the most special girl in the world. He speaks to my heart everyday & I genuinely believe God himself blessed me with him. He’s a special one💕 Side note: you’re going to notice in my future videos.... my face is bigger, my arms are bigger, my entire body is bigger. But you’ll just have to deal with it, cause this is me❤️
Out of town on business. Soon as I wrap up meetings, I am in sweatpants & in bed with my blanket and snacks within the hour 😂 where my homebodies at?!?🙋🏼‍♀️
I don’t even know what to make my caption....because I love this guy so much, I want to post the sappiest, most loving caption ever saying how eternally grateful I am to have him. But instead I’ll just leave this here and walk away. You guys can create a caption for me!!😂❤️
Thank you for being so kind to me through my hardships, loving me through my tough times & always giving me so much support. My life wouldn’t be the same without you.💓 New video is coming soon!💕
I tried to be cool, this is what happened😂
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to every person who made my brand launch @jaclynhillcosmetics so successful this week. I have loved makeup since before my memories even start & to think I have my own brand is absolutely insane to me! Thank you for helping make my little girl dreams come true! ❤️ by the way, this is a photo of me at 3 years old sitting at my new makeup vanity on Christmas morning, applying my “powder” 😂
WE ARE LIVE!!!!😭💎 @jaclynhillcosmetics
It’s really happening @jaclynhillcosmetics 💎😭
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