James Ash Doughty

Creative soul based in Cambridge, UK. Proud father of one. Casual observer to Earth's regular strange happenings and calamities. 🎥

A behind the scenes snap from my latest film: ‘Do You Really Want To Know What I Think?’. Very much looking forward to sharing this one with you all! Photo: @kimi_maii 📷 #shortfilm #film #cinema #filmmaker
Do You Really Want To Know What I Think? 🎥 Coming Soon
Throwback to a photo shoot I took part in around 7 years ago. Times have certainly changed!
I wonder what strange and unusual things appear in that wonderful mind of hers... 🌹❤️
Never forget how lucky we are to walk this beautiful world together 🌍
I’m going to be looking for cast + crew soon for an upcoming project. Until then, here’s something from my most recent project that you will see soon. 🎥
Something I need to do more in 2018 is read more, I haven’t read a book in full in well over a year at least. May as well start with a good one! #dune
I’ve gone analogue. Today I was with the Canon F-1.
I’m still here.
Adventure filmmaking on an old beach to the east. Film coming soon. 🎥
It might be time to begin a new chapter. Finish what I started five years ago, but this time do it properly.
The world is so much bigger than we realise. Imagine a life without the Internet, without worldwide transport. Where would you call home if it was the only place you were able to be?
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