Jennifer Winget


With our family now 8M strong, it’s only befitting that I commemorate and celebrate with this beautiful sketch by @rajkot_art Keep the love pouring in, You are what has got us here!
I spy with my little eye, a whole lot of love and happiness with it.
I shot with this legend yesterday. I’ve been her ardent fan since like forever and couldn't hold back myself from ceasing the opportunity to share screen space with her. So grateful for how life brings you closer and closer to people you’ve looked up to and events you’ve looked out for. Hope to meet and work with you again. So Moved by your generosity and humility, ma'am! #CodeM #seemabiswas
Throwing in the perfect punch with #CodeM on @altbalaji #comingsoon @ektaravikapoor @samkhan
Well aren’t I a ray of pitch black?! Welcome to the Darkside.
The secret to having it all is knowing you do. Stopping to take in the beautiful day that was. Gratitude is plentiful, bountiful and happening now!
Today I reminisced back to how as kids we used to play dress up as brides and to now see you as a real bride, I think my heart exploded with love and happiness. And I know I may have said it over and over, and that there wasn’t any end to how many times I looked at you and thought it too, but you looked so so beautiful and radiant that I could only want for this happiness to increase by the hour. So as you begin this new chapter of your life, I wish for every dream to come in this adventure you kickstarted with your soulmate today. You deserve all and more and we’re all so blessed to be part of it. Continue to smile that smile that lights our lives and hope to see it get wider by the day. You know I love you beyond measure and will always have your back.
Have to give it up for the guys at @skechersperformanceindia who’ve gone and outdone themselves this time - they’ve even covered Long distance running now!! So make way for the SKECHERS GoRun 7 line up. Fitness enthusiasts take note, please. These new kicks on the block are super lightweight, responsive and extremely comfortable. I’ve tried ‘em and now can’t do without ‘em for my early morning runs or treadmill workouts. Yeah!?! So what are you looking at? GOOOO RUN and Get ‘em! #GoRun7
When you have 1 day to explore before shoot begins. Seize the moment, I say !!! #CodeM #altbalaji
Of Car rides and Kisses! #whatsundaysaremadeof
They see him rollin’. They droolin’ Or maybe he be droolin’. Donno, with that pose, you can’t tell!
“Get in,” he said, “Let’s pick up some b***hes!”
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