Jesse Mizell

@doperoots_ cofounder🌳 | win$global board member

Summer excursion by @moneypossebrook
Agent 003
History lessons🌳 By: @yvng_leo
Ate my vegetables today🌳 by: @moneypossebrook
Quietly collecting corp bags🌳
We just started a company in California.... can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on🤭 P.S. we’re going to be making more rare @jammasterjayofficial Tee’s like this one🌳
263 Bowery today my friends
Tonight we begin celebrations with @wearethegoodlife @sweetchicklife NYC. Pull up on us!
“2 turntables, 2 microphones and 1 hell of a LEGACY! Re-live all 35 years of Hip Hop’s pioneers RUN DMC from May 29-May 31 in NYC w/ @adidasnyc & @bravado ! For all the giveaways, announcements and more follow the official RUN DMC Instagram @rundmc #JMJ4EVER
Tees on & almost ripe kumquats at our tree house🌳 By: @spencehartung
Rubys World❤️
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