Jessica ミユキ 🐋 McCoy

Art & Design | Travel Doing things in bikinis Founder/designer: @salt.atlas Fling with me: @poo_toss 💩 Don’t litter

I draw poké, man. #jessicamiyukiart
Skirt skirrrrt 👗 . . . Plot twist those are shorts #stillinabikini
Your other left
How to sleep anywhere: traveler’s edition 🛌 . . Get yourself a good pillow! I used to use this janky blow up airplane pillow but after trying out the @trtl pillows I haven’t had a reason to go back.. they pack down super small and actually support my neck, PLUS I can keep my headphones in! . . I’m clearly a fan and packing it for my next trip. Japan in 5 days... 🇯🇵
Second of the art series I’m drawing is @meryemelgardoum scoping out her home break of Taghazout, Morocco. . . . She’s not your average surf coach, she’s a 5x world champion and absolutely shreds. Surf, skate, sand boarding.. it’s seriously next level. . . . I remember when I barely saw any girls skating or surfing growing up, so I can imagine it was 10x more rare in Morocco.. always inspired to see someone breaking stereotypes and crushing it ⚡️⚡️
Happy international bikini day for all you ladies wearing skimpy things in cold weather with spectators around because this is what we DO. Create content, make you think it’s warm outside, and throw peace signs. RESPECT ✌🏽✌🏽 is this even a real holiday
Patriotic palm trees I designed for @billabongwomens 🌴🌺🐚🌊
Jungle girl 🦎
I raided your pool to Instagram 💦 #doitforthegram
Trippy clouds, also a sketchy place to stand 🚦
This place looks so foreign I put my phone on airplane mode 🏔 #california
Jess wears pants and does things 👖
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