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a collapsing wave function • melbourne

No matter how many books I’m reading, I’ve made it a rule to always have a science fiction book actively in the mix. And this may be the best science fiction book I’ve ever read. Huge ideas across a cosmic scale.
Office views ⛅️
you want a deepness that endures...there is a deepness in the sky, and it extends forever.
Went hiking to the summit of Flinders Peak.
323 Block Party at @flyingartfilms studios. Free alcohol, good music, epic dance battles, and got to see a bunch of great upcoming Melbourne artists.
The end of summer.
Dinner at Izakaya Den 🍣 🍷
Some of the coolest/funniest videos from last night. Chef’s Table at Kisumé 🍣 (Part 3) @kisume_au
Chef’s Table at Kisumé 🍣 (Part 2) @kisume_au
Chef’s Table at Kisumé 🍣 (Part 1) @kisume_au
Birthday dinner at Dinner by Heston (27/12/18) @dinnerbyhb
Take a moment this busy holiday period to connect with nature and marvel at this insanely alien planet which we inhabit. Happy holidays everyone.
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