Joe Davis/ Mr Davis

5x platinum /billboard charting /Mgr/producer/universalmusic /woodwardentcomplex c.e.o /jujuonthatbeat /ray j/drego&lil beno

Bmf the movie coming soon
@nytelyfeent @lilmeechbmf record release
Hardbody @lilmeechbmf record release party was to the capacity @brina_malak_bmf_speedy
Woke up like this making sure kem crew get to Columbus ohio after a long night
When you get a call to dance with snoop
@iambiggvon a team I'm proud to be part of ain't no stopping us now
Backstage with the homie Salam snoopdogg dj now have not seen him in years
We are not new to this
All access puff puff tour
Backstage movement @iambiggvon @snoopdogg
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