Kaygee Gist

Hang out with us in the Slugga Lounge VIP 👇👇 👇👇 👇👇

Saturday with @zurikaye #KayPop
Reposted from @joeysirishpower (@get_regrann ) - That time @kaygeenbn from @naughtybynature4ever saw me singing and motioned for me to belt it out. I may have jumped over my daughter @emulkinator21 🤣 thanks @sarausa05 for the pics to remember!! You rock! #MixtapeTour2019 #Atlanta good times! @nkotb
At the #MixTapeTour during our @illtownsluggaz opening DJ set while @unclevinrock and Slugga were on stage I was known to be in the crowd somewhere partying with people. I had a ball and those who I came across I hope you did as well. ✌🏽
Reposted from @zurikaye 9 months never looked So Sweet! 🍭♥️💋
Shout to my son @jay.gist He did good for this being his first time on tour. He helped out alot for half of the tour. 💯💯💯
Since Treach is not on social media I'll post the young bull. 91Treach 😊
Shout out to these 3 guys right here. @mookdaddy118 @primetimesime @bezerk600 They made it all happen in the Slugga lounge everyday for us. Alot went into setting up everything and running this entire tour every night. Thanks for the hard work for this tour guys. 💯💯💯💯💯
Out by the water just living life and growing old. 🙌🏽
That time @passportflave took the challenge to be the 1st to hold a Koala bear in Australia
Now that the #MixTapeTour is over. Time to get back to this! NEW MUSIC ...
Thank You 🙌🏽 Over 600000 Yep... Six Hundred Thousand tickets sold on this tour! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
We hit the water after a successful tour and did it BIG. Reposted from @dom_p_star (@get_regrann ) - When we do something we are def thorough wit it!!! Naughty swim trunks!!! I just wanted to be like one of the boys!!! 😊
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